Easy ways to alleviate the heat from the blazing sun! Few remedies

Eventhough village temples has lot of superstition, if we observe deeply, there will be some reason behind for each activity. This is amman festive time across Tamilnadu. During this festival natural and heat preventing foods like porridge made from millet, ragi( koozh), sugar water mixed of tulsi, curry leaves, neem( panakkam), butter milk being served freely. Turmeric water will be poured on devotees. These are defined to control heat on body and avoid chicken pox by our ancestors.

Tamilnadu has been reeling under extreme heat wave condition with temperature crossing above 40 degrees. Other states of India also has the same problem. Heat wave-like conditions forced people to remain indoors while roads wore a deserted look during the day. People not able to travel in the two-wheeler and buses due to the hot-waves. Let's see few tips to escape and prevent our body from this heat.


Do not do excessive amounts of exercise. It can cause dehydration. If you want to do, just play games. Thus, the body secretes sweat well and helps the body to feel active.

Rice soaked water: ( neeraharam in Tamil)

Body temprature will increase if we have Hard foods like bread,cakes etc, fatty foods, fast foods, pizza, burger. We need to avoid these foods. Instead we can drink lot of soaked rice water.  Natural drinks like Soaked rice, tender coconut water, moron Winslow( pataneer) are good for this heat.

Cool drinks:

Due to too much heat and thirsty, do not drink cool drinks from the shops. Actually, by drinking these cool drinks, body temperature will be increased. So choose natural drinks and fruits.

Pot water:

Avoid refrigerated water. Store water in clay pot and use for drinking. It will be good for health and avoid body heat.

Cotton cloths:

Don't use jeans, polyester dresses in the name of fashion in this hot weather. Choose and use cotton dresses. Don't use very tight inner wear. There is more chances for virus infections in the genital area by tight inner wear.


Avoid using bed. Use floor or thin bedsheets for sleep. This will avoid increasing the body heat overnight and you will get nice sleep.

Aesthetic rope cot:

If possible use rope cot. It will be flexible for body and avoid heat.

Morning and evening:

Other than morning, take bath after return from work in the evening as well. It will be useful to avoid infection caused by sweat and bring down the body heat. Also you will be fresh and active.

Foods which we should not re-heat again

Due to modern and fast life, we frequently store cooked food and re-heat again. Everyone used to store food by considering not wasting and not having enough time to cook again. Though these reheating the food is right, it can't be fully acceptable.

Some of the food will loose its nutrients while reheat. Also, there is a chance that few foods become poison. So, we definitely need to know what these foods are.

By considering to protect our family health, we need to avoid rehesting  certain foods.


Health benefits of potatoes is a lot. There is no doubt and everybody knows that. Lots of nutrients in it. But, based on how far we refrigerate, it will loose its nutrients. While reheating this potato, it will become poison.


Nowadays, chicken is the major food being used in our daily diet and reheated most of the time. But, reheating chicken is very danger. Excess protein in the chicken is the reason. It will make digestion problem while reheating. If we need to eat refrigerated chicken food, need to eat without reheat.


It should be eaten as soon as mushroom is cooked. If it is getting cold, there will be change in quantity of protein in mushroom. This will make digestion problem.


Beetroot is recommened food for everyone because it has much nitrate in it. This nitrate will be lost, while reheating and it will loose nutrients.


It is dangerous to reheat greens as well. Green has lot of nitrate in it. While reheating greens, it will become 100% nitrate. It will cause cancer disease to our body.


Eggs become poison if it is in excess heat. So, be away from reheated boiled eggs or fried eggs. This will make trouble in your stomach.

Benefits of having coconut milk - Natural medicine


Due to manganese deficiency in the body, diabetes disease will be occurred. Coconut milk has much manganese in it. Also, whole greens, beans, peas and nuts has much manganese content in it. If you go hospital for any disease, the first tablet which doctors prescribe will have manganese. So manganese is very important for healthy body.

Maintain flexibility of skin and blood vessels:

Copper is necessary for most of the body organ functionality. Copper and vitamin C keeps flexibility of skin and blood vessels. Copper is rich in Coconut milk.

Coconut milk helps to strengthrn bones:

Despite the lack of enough calcium in coconut milk , it is rich in phosphorus . Phosphorus is an important nutrient for the body to strengthen bones. Phosphorus needs to be consumed along with calcium. So, phosphate will be produced in the body and avoid bones become week.

To prevent anemia:

Many people in the world have iron deficiency. Due to iron deficiency, body will prevent producing hemoglobin. This will stop passing sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood cells, which can lead to anemia. A cup of coconut milk can provide 25% of iron to the body daily.

Relaxing muscles and nerves:

Whenever having muscle spasms and muscle pain, little coconut milk can be added in the diet. We can see a good result. Because manganese in coconut milk act as a natural pain killer for muscle aches. Also magnesium has capability to control pain in each nerve cells. In the absence of magnesium in the body, calcium trigger nerve cells. Due to active nerve cells, muscles shrink and control pain.

Helps to control body weight:

For those who trying to loose weight,it is definitely a good news. Having coconut milk in the diet will control hungry soon. Excess fiber in the coconut milk is the reason.

Reducing rheumatic problems:

Selenium is an important antioxidant to the body. Coconut milk contains enough selenium in it. So having coconut milk will cure rheumatic problems. Those who with low level selenium in the body will have arthritis problems.

Help controlling blood pressure:

Whoever worrying about blood pressure , needs to eat food which contains potassium. Because potassium will help to reduce blood pressure. This potassium content is rich in coconut milk.

Help to increase immunity:

Coconut milk, make sure to keeps the immunity power in the body. So frequent disease like cold and cough will run away from us. Vitamin C in the coconut milk helps to strengthen immunity.

Improve the health of prostate gland:

Zink in the body plays an important role in improving the health of the prostate gland. This will reduce the activity of the cancer cells.

Simple home remedies for ulcer problems

Ulcer is one of the major issues in this generation faced by everyone includes from kids to adults. If we not eating at the right time a kind of acids secreted from the stomach and it causes ulcers. This causes severe stomach pains. We will face severe consequences if not noticed early. This can be rectified by a simple home remedies instead going to chemical drugs.

Eating rice by adding coconut milk every day will cure peptic ulcer.

Adding Cabbage, bitter gourd and drumstick often in the diet recovers ulcer.

Eating bread and butter in the morning, will decrease the pain of ulcer.

Similarly, we can escape from ulcer problem by Drinking apple juice, sesbania grandiflora(Agathi) juice, beetroot juice daily.

Another best solution is gooseberry. Drinking gooseberry juice along with yogurt/Curd often will relief from ulcer.

Drinking warm water with two tablespoons of honey in the morning, will avoid the stomach irritation caused by the ulcer.

Eating the best antibacterial substance called garlic with honey cure ulcer.
Dill-flavored tea, aloe juice are good solution for ulcer, especially drinking much water is the best solution among all the above for ulcer.

Tapioca/Maravalli Kizhangu Adai/Dosa

By instant I have seen the Tapioca when I gone for shopping. Immediately, I remember my childhood days. Yes. This Tapioca/Maravalli Kizhangu was one of the best snack in the village. I still remember that we used to buy 2kg of tapioca just for 4rs. Sometime we exchange recycle items like news paper, the old plastic, brandy bottles, metal items, old cloths,etc.. for buying this root. In fact, the root would be the origin food for human. Also, in order to get all minerals to our body, we should have root at least once in a week. In villages, we used to just boil by adding the salt and season in order to make snack. Also this can be used for chips, dosa,adai,etc. Lets see how we can make Adai/Dosa with this Tapioca.


Tapioca(Cut into cubes) - 1-1/2 cup
Boiled Rice - 1 cup (I used brown rice)
Fried gram - ¼ cup
Fennel seeds - 1 tsp
Cinnamon stick - 1 inch
Garlic pods - 5 to 6
Dry Red chilli - 6
Coriander leaves - ½ cup
Salt for taste
Oil - 1 tsp


Add everything into the mixer grinder jar given in ingredients except Coriander leaves and oil.

We no need to soak rice for this Dosa. Its plus right?
The consistency should be coarse. So Grind by adding water spoon by spoon.
Take out the ground batter into the bowl and add chopped coriander leaves. Mix it thoroughly.

Apply a spoon of oil in non stick skillet or dosa pan and apply 1 big spoon of batter and spread clockwise in the circular motion gently. Now, you will get circular shape dosa. Cook for 30 seconds then flip into other side to cook gently.
Now You will get very healthy Tapioca dosa. Serve with your favorite chutney or sambar.
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Miracles of fig tree!!!

Figs tree is considered as one of the divine tree in South India. Generally, our ancestors made habit of doing Veneration, if the tree or something fully has medicinal properties. For example, Neem tree is considered for doing veneration due to its medicinal properties. Another example is Tulsi. Figs grow well in clay soil and watersheds. Fig tree is one of the main medicine in Ayurveda. Fig tree has the properties of leaving white color liquid similar to milk. Its flower will not be visible outside. There is a famous Riddle “ Kaanaamal pooppookum , Kandu Kai Kaikum ” for this tree. Meaning is “Flower wont appear but Its Boll visible”. Fig fruits cluster will be produced from both root and branches of the tree.
The fruit has combination of sweet and astringent taste which helps to improve blood production. It grows in all districts of Tamilnadu and other countries. All parts like tree branches, leaves and fruits has medicinal properties. This tree can be produced both by Seed and propagated by layering.

Medical benefit of the fig tree:

Fig's bark, tender fig and matured fig are the best medicine for shrinking muscle and nerves. Fruit acts as laxative and tender fig, fruit and milk will be helpful for erotic functions. Slimy stools, dysentery, diabetes, thirsty caused by these diseases, dry mouth and body heat, etc. can be cured. It cleanses the blood. Arthritis, rheumatic diseases, ulcers will be cured. Having Fig milk 15 ml with butter daily morning and evening will cure diabetes, diarrhea with blood, MENORRHAGIA, urination mixed with blood, arrhythmia, spasm and bile.

Applying Fig milk on the knees will cure arthritic pain. Making powder by taking equal amount of drumstick seed, MUCUNA PRURIENS seeds, young palm root, Sweet potato and having 5g of this powder along with 5ml of Fig milk daily twice (morning and evening) for 20 days continuously will give enormous amount of Masculinity. For Dysentery, bloody diarrhea, we can Make powder by taking equal amount of Fig bark, Jamun bark, Babul bark, mesquite bark. Then taking 5g of this powder and soak into 50ml of water. Then filtering this water and taking 3 times a day for 4 to 5 days will heal completely.

Taking equal amount of Tender Fig, Tender Tindora , Mango bark, Creeping Coldeniapowder and mixing with banana flower juice and making into small tablets and taking daily twice will completely cure hemorrhaid , intestines ulcer, piles and diarrhea. Drinking water boiled with Fig bark, Saraca asoca bark and mango bark daily will cure MENORRHAGIA completely.

Fig fruit can be consumed daily 10-20 and we can drink fig milk daily twice. We can eat processed fig(dried in shadow for five days) with honey. We can make these fruit into powder and we can have 10-15g along with milk. Fig is more helpful to resolve Masculinity problem.

Fig tree root will give milk similar to Coconut, palm, spathe tree. Taking this clear water and drinking 300 to 400ml in empty stomach will cure secondary syphilis. It cures diabetes and white bleeding for women. It is the best nutritional drink for our body. Taking the base tree bark and making juice and drinking 30-50 mil daily will heal MENORRHAGIA and hemorrhage.

Eating fig will heal Syphilis, ulcer and uterus problems. Grind 10 g of tender root of Fig and having 10g with milk will heal urination irritation and decrease body heat. Dizziness, vomiting will be healed. Tender Fig can be used for making curry with lentil. Eating this curry for 10 to 20 days will heal internal and external piles and intestinal illnesses. We can make fry as well with Garlic, pepper, turmeric powder.