Eventhough village temples has lot of superstition, if we observe deeply, there will be some reason behind for each activity. This is amman festive time across Tamilnadu. During this festival natural and heat preventing foods like porridge made from millet, ragi( koozh), sugar water mixed of tulsi, curry leaves, neem( panakkam), butter milk being served freely. Turmeric water will be poured on devotees. These are defined to control heat on body and avoid chicken pox by our ancestors.

Tamilnadu has been reeling under extreme heat wave condition with temperature crossing above 40 degrees. Other states of India also has the same problem. Heat wave-like conditions forced people to remain indoors while roads wore a deserted look during the day. People not able to travel in the two-wheeler and buses due to the hot-waves. Let's see few tips to escape and prevent our body from this heat.


Do not do excessive amounts of exercise. It can cause dehydration. If you want to do, just play games. Thus, the body secretes sweat well and helps the body to feel active.

Rice soaked water: ( neeraharam in Tamil)

Body temprature will increase if we have Hard foods like bread,cakes etc, fatty foods, fast foods, pizza, burger. We need to avoid these foods. Instead we can drink lot of soaked rice water.  Natural drinks like Soaked rice, tender coconut water, moron Winslow( pataneer) are good for this heat.

Cool drinks:

Due to too much heat and thirsty, do not drink cool drinks from the shops. Actually, by drinking these cool drinks, body temperature will be increased. So choose natural drinks and fruits.

Pot water:

Avoid refrigerated water. Store water in clay pot and use for drinking. It will be good for health and avoid body heat.

Cotton cloths:

Don't use jeans, polyester dresses in the name of fashion in this hot weather. Choose and use cotton dresses. Don't use very tight inner wear. There is more chances for virus infections in the genital area by tight inner wear.


Avoid using bed. Use floor or thin bedsheets for sleep. This will avoid increasing the body heat overnight and you will get nice sleep.

Aesthetic rope cot:

If possible use rope cot. It will be flexible for body and avoid heat.

Morning and evening:

Other than morning, take bath after return from work in the evening as well. It will be useful to avoid infection caused by sweat and bring down the body heat. Also you will be fresh and active.