Figs tree is considered as one of the divine tree in South India. Generally, our ancestors made habit of doing Veneration, if the tree or something fully has medicinal properties. For example, Neem tree is considered for doing veneration due to its medicinal properties. Another example is Tulsi. Figs grow well in clay soil and watersheds. Fig tree is one of the main medicine in Ayurveda. Fig tree has the properties of leaving white color liquid similar to milk. Its flower will not be visible outside. There is a famous Riddle “ Kaanaamal pooppookum , Kandu Kai Kaikum ” for this tree. Meaning is “Flower wont appear but Its Boll visible”. Fig fruits cluster will be produced from both root and branches of the tree.
The fruit has combination of sweet and astringent taste which helps to improve blood production. It grows in all districts of Tamilnadu and other countries. All parts like tree branches, leaves and fruits has medicinal properties. This tree can be produced both by Seed and propagated by layering.

Medical benefit of the fig tree:

Fig's bark, tender fig and matured fig are the best medicine for shrinking muscle and nerves. Fruit acts as laxative and tender fig, fruit and milk will be helpful for erotic functions. Slimy stools, dysentery, diabetes, thirsty caused by these diseases, dry mouth and body heat, etc. can be cured. It cleanses the blood. Arthritis, rheumatic diseases, ulcers will be cured. Having Fig milk 15 ml with butter daily morning and evening will cure diabetes, diarrhea with blood, MENORRHAGIA, urination mixed with blood, arrhythmia, spasm and bile.

Applying Fig milk on the knees will cure arthritic pain. Making powder by taking equal amount of drumstick seed, MUCUNA PRURIENS seeds, young palm root, Sweet potato and having 5g of this powder along with 5ml of Fig milk daily twice (morning and evening) for 20 days continuously will give enormous amount of Masculinity. For Dysentery, bloody diarrhea, we can Make powder by taking equal amount of Fig bark, Jamun bark, Babul bark, mesquite bark. Then taking 5g of this powder and soak into 50ml of water. Then filtering this water and taking 3 times a day for 4 to 5 days will heal completely.

Taking equal amount of Tender Fig, Tender Tindora , Mango bark, Creeping Coldeniapowder and mixing with banana flower juice and making into small tablets and taking daily twice will completely cure hemorrhaid , intestines ulcer, piles and diarrhea. Drinking water boiled with Fig bark, Saraca asoca bark and mango bark daily will cure MENORRHAGIA completely.

Fig fruit can be consumed daily 10-20 and we can drink fig milk daily twice. We can eat processed fig(dried in shadow for five days) with honey. We can make these fruit into powder and we can have 10-15g along with milk. Fig is more helpful to resolve Masculinity problem.

Fig tree root will give milk similar to Coconut, palm, spathe tree. Taking this clear water and drinking 300 to 400ml in empty stomach will cure secondary syphilis. It cures diabetes and white bleeding for women. It is the best nutritional drink for our body. Taking the base tree bark and making juice and drinking 30-50 mil daily will heal MENORRHAGIA and hemorrhage.

Eating fig will heal Syphilis, ulcer and uterus problems. Grind 10 g of tender root of Fig and having 10g with milk will heal urination irritation and decrease body heat. Dizziness, vomiting will be healed. Tender Fig can be used for making curry with lentil. Eating this curry for 10 to 20 days will heal internal and external piles and intestinal illnesses. We can make fry as well with Garlic, pepper, turmeric powder.