Ulcer is one of the major issues in this generation faced by everyone includes from kids to adults. If we not eating at the right time a kind of acids secreted from the stomach and it causes ulcers. This causes severe stomach pains. We will face severe consequences if not noticed early. This can be rectified by a simple home remedies instead going to chemical drugs.

Eating rice by adding coconut milk every day will cure peptic ulcer.

Adding Cabbage, bitter gourd and drumstick often in the diet recovers ulcer.

Eating bread and butter in the morning, will decrease the pain of ulcer.

Similarly, we can escape from ulcer problem by Drinking apple juice, sesbania grandiflora(Agathi) juice, beetroot juice daily.

Another best solution is gooseberry. Drinking gooseberry juice along with yogurt/Curd often will relief from ulcer.

Drinking warm water with two tablespoons of honey in the morning, will avoid the stomach irritation caused by the ulcer.

Eating the best antibacterial substance called garlic with honey cure ulcer.
Dill-flavored tea, aloe juice are good solution for ulcer, especially drinking much water is the best solution among all the above for ulcer.