Cucumber has medicinal properties of curing few diseases including blood pressure, Joint Pain. It has 95% of water content which is rich nutrient than normal water. It helps to normalize body temperature and water in the body. It will help to discharge toxins from the body.

The vitamins, manganese, potassium, silicon minerals in it helps to protect skin. Recent Research confirmed thatLariciresinol ,Pinoresinol , Secoisolariciresinol, lignans compounds in it helps to avoid cancers. Potassium, magnesium fiber in it helps to stable blood pressure. It helps to avoid bad breath and protect tooth and gum. It will help to discharge toxins and heel acidity, Heartburn, Ulcer.

Maintain perfect Digestive system. It will avoid constipation. Cucumber seeds are useful to expel tapeworms. Since silicone in it strengthen join muscles and vitamins A, B-6,C, folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium reduces uric acid levels, we can get relief from arthritis problem. Cucumber stimulate hormones which helps to secrete insulin in Pancreatic cells. So it is very good for diabetic/sugar patients. Sterile compound in cucumber reduces fat. The silicon and sulfur help to grow hair.

Cucumber help to avoid Swelling of eyes, dark circles and to dissolve kidney stones. It does not have Fat and low-calorie. So it is best diet to reduce weight.