Turmeric is a special ingredient which is part of Indian food spice. Our ancestor would know that turmeric has lot of medicinal benefits. No other cuisine use turmeric powder frequently. Its not only giving the color for the food, rather it gives various benefits.
From that day to till today, it has been used in Indian foods. More recent research studies proves that turmeric is inflammatory in nature help to heal the wounds. Also it is useful to cure from cancer to Alzheimer's.

Incidentally I bought a medicine from amazon which will cure the Arthritis problem based on the review provided. Once I received just visited the ingredients. Its pure turmeric powder tablets.

Therefore, everyone should aware of the benefits by adding turmeric powder in our diet. I have listed few here for you. Read and get to know

Cleansing Liver:

If you add turmeric in the diet, the germs are destroyed in the liver and the liver will be clean.

Preventing Alzheimer's disease:

Another advantage of adding turmeric in the diet is preventing the formation of plaques called Amyloid in the brain, result in preventing of the Alzheimer's disease and dementic

Preventing cancer:

When adding turmeric in the diet, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the body and protect us from different types cancer.

Chronic joint pain:

Anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric powder has power to healing chronic joint pain. That's why turmic is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat arthritis pain.

Weight Control:

Turmeric powder helps to increases the body's metabolism and dissolve cholesterol in the body.

Cure autism:

Turmeric is used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of tension. So if we use turmeric powder regularly in diet, we will get rid off from stress.


Due to anti-inflammatory property, turmeric powder prevent osteoarthritis. So if you want to avoid arthritis, turmeric in the diet need to come along.


When adding turmeric in the diet, risk of osteoporosis problems such as spinal fracture in the future will be reduced.