Don't skip/avoid/throw curry leaves going forward!!!

There are new diseases keep arriving in this new modern era. Nowadays youngsters also getting visual impairment, heart disease. This is really a shocking news and need every ones attention. To protect from these diseases hard exercise is very important. Maintaining balanced diet also very important. There are lot of nutrients and medicines already available from our regular food. Curry leaves are one of the ingredient we add in almost all the Indian recipes. But we will ignore them while during dining.

There are 75,000 micro grams of vitamin A, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B, C, available in curry leaves.

Vision related disorders occur due to the Vitamin A deficiency. Like drumstick leaves, Curry leaves also has much Vitamin A. So don't avoid curry leaves. We no need to search for the curry leaves specially since it is available in our daily regular Indian food. Because, it is one of the ingredient we use daily for seasonings.

Many of us think that we add curry leaves for just flavor. That's why we just ignore them while taking food. So going forward don't do that. Because, latest research proved that curry leaves has lot of medicinal benefits. Few are listed below.

Curry leaves science name is Murraya koenigii. It belongs to the family Rutacaece which is native to India and SriLanka. Curry leaves rich in vitamin A, B, C, calcium, etc.,. It has lot of amino acids in it. These acids are the reason behind for its wonderful flavor and reveals many medicinal benefits.

Australian Food science researchers found that curry leaves has the capability of curing the cancer diseases. Nutrition and health research clinic is the biggest medical research center in Australia. This center also found that the Indian spices are not only giving flavor for the food and those gives' lot of medicinal benefits as well. Research nutritionist Dr Lynne Cobiac said that Curry leaves act as excellent antioxidant. It has the potential to reduce the impact of cancer and heart diseases. In addition, curry leaves help to improve memory power.

UK Agriculture Medical research center suggesting to use Curry leaves oil as moisturizer in order to cure lungs, heart and vision related diseases. Generally, applying coconut oil which is mixed with Curry leaves juice (for 100 g coconut oil, 100 g curry leaves needs to be used for making juice and needs to be heated in the very low flame until the moisture to be removed) and applying for head daily will reduce the body heat completely. Eating ground curry leaves will avoid lungs, heart and blood related diseases as well.

Kerala University from Trivandrum did research on using the Curry leaves and Mustard seeds together for seasonings. The end result confirmed that Curry leaves and mustard seeds together help to avoid destruction of our body tissues. Also, it prevents the free radicals' creation in the body. DNA getting impact due to the free radical creation in the body. So the protein from the cells getting destroyed. This leads to the Cancer, rheumatic diseases. While eating seasoned food using both curry leaves and mustard seeds, the free radical's creation will be stopped.

In addition, if the diabetes patients chew and swallowed 10 raw curry leaves in the morning and evening as soon as plucked them, they can reduce half amount of consuming diabetes tablet. This is recommended by Physicians and Surgeons.

Physicians advised that consuming few curry leaves for 3 months daily in an empty stomach reduce the body weight. It avoids exiting sugar in the urination. It reduces the fat from the blood and improves the memory power. Eating raw curry leaves will make sweet voice. Also, physicians confirmed that curry leaves relieve from cold.

Indian Council of Medical recommends consuming 170 grams of vegetables daily. Also, it recommends to eat 75 - 125 greens every day. 10 important vegetables names also recommended which would be part of 170g. Curry leave is one among them.

So Friends, do not skip eating curry leaves going forward. OK?