Stone flower or Kalpasi(in Tamil) is one of the spice being used in Indian cooking. There is difference between seaweed(Kadarpasi in Tamil) and Stone flower. Stone flower will grow on the rocks, branches of trees and on the palm/coconut trees in the forest areas which looks similar to mosaic. It has slightly a bitter taste.

This black stone flower will cling and grow on tree barks from bottom to top branch as a little flakes. This need to be harvested gently without cracking any of the barks.

It has grown only on the stone rocks in those times. Now it get used to grow on the trees as well. It is an integral part of Indian cuisine. It's not only gives flavor to food, it has lot of medicinal values as well. Tribes who lives around the Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu do harvesting stone flower as their profession.

Stone flower act as analgesic drug.

Stone flower being added in the recipes to prevent inflammation in the digestive tracks. Also it improves digestion. Add extra flavor to Briyani.

It will heal respiratory problems.

Keeps body temperature under control.

Act as anti-bacterial medicine.

Prevent Kidney disorders

It's not good to eat raw stone flower. It has to be consumed along with food.

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