To get strength back:

People who relieved from the serious and deadly diseases looks very week, sober due to the loss of their immunity. Also, they look like patient though they relieved completely. Black gram is the best remedy for strengthen them and restore their energy. They can consume black gram by making pudding, porridge or they can grind black gram along with rice to consume (Idli) to strength the body, bones, muscles and nerves system.

To get rid off body heat:

In today's hurry and busy world, the impact by the new diseases also in hurry mode. The cause is body heat. Depression, restless work, insomnia used to increase the body temperature. Eating pudding made by Black gramalong with raw rice(unremoved bran), Dry ginger, Palm Sugar will bring down the body heat.

To increase quality and quantity of Sperm:

Eating dry black gram powder mixed with pure honey in the regular diet will increase the quality and quantity of Sperm. Also, it helps to rejuvenating the nerves.

Black Gram dumplings:

Black Gram dumplings will help to overcome the hunger immediately and cool the body. Also, it reduce the hypomania.

Fracture & blood clots:

Black gram is the best medicine to cure bone fracture, muscle breakdown and blood clots. This is one of the traditional medicine followed. Even now people are following. Making bandage by applying Fine ground black gram powder mixed with enough quantity of egg whites on the fracture will cure with in few days.

To strength Waist:

Few people will always stand with hands on hips. Its due to the week waist. Hips should be strong and well to walk upright. Eating black gram pudding daily will strengthen the hip and remove pain.

For children:

Feeding Idly made using black gram is very good for kids. It plays important role for their growth and strengthen their bones.

For Women:

For women over the age of forty and the women who had Menarche should need lot of nutrition. Having black gram Porridge in the diet will make them very healthy. Grinding raw rice without removing bran along with skinned black gram and making the pudding and having along with sesame oil and Palm sugar also will make them very strength. It relieve their hip pain. This would be the reason still many villages follow giving ground black gram batter along with sesame oil and egg whites during Menarche to girls.