When we walked around the market at journal square (Spanish market), I have found the banana leaf 
and remembered the way we eat in our garden using Banana leaf during my childhood days. 
So I thought to write this for you. We have moved away from traditional culture and forgot the natural 
benefits. That's the reason we are not strength enough and now we are searching healthy life from 
jogging and Yoga. Yes, traditional food and traditional method are a little time consuming but we get longer life.
1. Salt
2. Pickles
3. Chutney Powder
4. Green Gram Salad
5. Bengal Gram Salad
6. Coconut Chutney
7. Fogath Made from Beans
8. Jack Fruit Fogath
9. Lemon Rice
10. Papad
11. Crispies
12. Steamed Rice Cake
13. Rice
14. Dal
15. Raitha
16. Rasam
17. Black Gram Paste Fried Cake - Vada
18. Brinjal Pakoda
19. Sweet And Sour Gravy
20. Vegetable Fry
21. Vegetable Mix
22. Ladies Finger Pakoda
23. Brinjal Sambar
24. Sweet
25. Masala vada Curry
26. Sweet Coconut Chapati
27. Vegetable Upma
28. Sour Ginger Gravy
29. Payasam Sweet
30. Curds
31. Butter Milk

Salt is distanced from the hand so that it will not mix with food easily.
Sweet is very near by if we tasted chili or salt accidentally.
In the middle staple food rice. Around the rice, Curry, Fries, Baked, Stir fry, pickles and Lemon rice 
which we have to take very less.
Snack items which need to eat less, placed at the end to keep us healthy. 
Science followed from Several thousand years ago: 
First lentil and ghee ( Easily digestible items and it makes enzymes in Esophagus to accept all kind of 
food. Then Sambar( tasty and it caress  Esophagus), after that Rasam ( It will make sure all the food 
digested), then buttermilk ( it reduce the heat produced by the full meal).
Banana Leaf Food :
Banana Leaf has an important role in the culture of the Tamil's. Any of the auspicious days, 
Tamilian make Aquarius with rice on top of the banana leaf and coconut will be placed at the center 
of the Aquarius. It is being followed now.
We all know that what all are the benefits we are getting from the banana tree. we meet a lot of needs 
from the banana leaf. Let's see the greatness of banana leaf now.
We usually grow the banana tree, If we have a courtyard in our home. Because it can grow in any place.
Also whenever we need leaf we can get it. Also during fasting days we no need to search banana leaf. 
Also, we can get banana fruit, banana stem, banana root. Since it has a lot of benefits, we generally 
grow more banana trees. 
Whenever we tell Banana leaf, the first thing we get in mind is a meal. We're using this from 
traditional days. If we consume food using banana leaf, we will get a good life.  Serving food in banana 
leaf is the Tamil's culture of our hospitality.
When we serve hot foods in banana leaf, it will make a kind of smell. This smell will stimulate hungry 
for everyone. That's the reason we are having food in banana leaf. 

People who recovered from fire accident and fire burn can be laid on the banana leaf. Banana leaf's 
natural capacity will avoid the irritation. A band-aid with banana leaf mixing with a little oil on the 
wound will cure in just four days.
If you continue to eat the food in banana leaf , skin will glow.  We will get a healthy life. Sloth, Fatigue, 
tiredness will be avoided. Bile will be removed. Banana leaf is a disinfectant. It will helpful to kill the 
destructive viruses if any from food.  So it is helping for long healthy life. Chlorophyll available on top 
of a leaf will cure ulcer and very helpful for digestion. It will stimulate the hungry. 
Officers, employees, and workers can carry lunch in banana leaf. Food will remain intact without spoil. 
It's best to give food in banana leaf for Children, students lunch.
Banan leaf being used and very helpful for Banquet housing, public ceremonies, serving  free food 
ceremonies. It is use and through, easy and cheap and best. 
So, Get to know the use of banana leaf and important.