Mahatma Gandhi had goat milk for lifelong. But today, it has been sorely lacking in the habit of drink goat's milk. Still, few places in North India having goat/sheep farms to gather milk. People in Utter Pradesh having Jamnapari goat's which is the famous. It is bred for milk. When we say goat milk immediately we think about Gandhi. He was not only a political leader. Also, good natural living expert, that would be the reason, he liked Goat milk and peanut.

Last year, when South India had dengue fever, Ayurveda medicine suggested to drink Andrographis paniculata(Nilavembu in Tamil a kind of plant) and saved people's life. Because, the Dengue fever not controlled by the English medicine. So, people turned to natural medicine Andrographis paniculata water and papaya juice. At the same time North India impacted by the Dengue as well. So, doctors recommended to drink Goat milk in order to get rid off dengue fever there.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Campaigned street by street that goat/sheep milk has the capacity to increase the number of red blood cells. Thus, drinking this milk can prevent spreading of dengue fever. Also, he campaigned that drinking papaya leaf juice has power to cure dengue fever. He had problem with sneezing, and respiratory issues for a long year. Due to this reason, he always used to cover his head with a cloth. Later, once he become Delhi Chief Minister, he took treatment in the natural medicinal center, Bangalore and completely cured. That is the reason why he delights in the natural medicines.

To recover from dengue fever, Delhi people started drinking goat/sheep milk by closing their nose. Because, of a kind of pungent-smelling in the milk. Yes, it would be difficult for them since they used to drink the packet milk which is completely it's butter removed and bland. A liter of goat's milk was over thousand rupees in the period prevalence of dengue.

Farmers around Delhi now started breeding goat/sheep more for milk than breeding for meat. We will not realize the importance of goat milk now. But it is one of the excellent medicine in Sidha/Ayurveda. Anyway we forgot about natural medicines nowadays right?. So we do not know the glory of Goat milk. But scientists did research on this milk completely and told the value of this milk.

"The fat molecules in goat milk is milder than cow/buffalo milk. So it will be easily digested. We can get iron easily. It will increase the red cells in the blood. If we follow goat milk continuously in our diet, we will get hungry easily since it will make digestive system perfect. It is helping to resolve chronic severe stomach ulcers. Newborn babies problems like abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation will be cured easily if we feed them goat milk. Breast feeding milk will kill the bad bacteria's in the bodies. Similarly, goat milk also has this power. So it makes us very healthy. There is a high amount of selenium available in goat milk. So we can use goat milk as substitution of breast feeding instead of using cow milk".

Chinese origin people who lives in Malaysia drinking goat milk like eating Ice cream. 250 ml of goat milk is just 7 silver which is equivalent to 112Rs and less than 2$. If we ask them a question "can't you get a pungent-smell?"

They are answering that "instead of drinking inappropriate English medicines, drinking this milk is better. Goat's are wiser than human. It will pickup and eat only herbal plant from the garden and yield valuable milk. To simply say each goat is a mobile medicine factory. If we start like a product, we don't care about the drawback and we will just feel the satisfaction and happiness. Up to us it is not a pungent-smell, it is nectar smell"

So, we will start to have goat milk whenever it is available and possible.

- Translated up to my English knowledge from Pasumai Vigadan tamil magazine!