Solanum trilobatum/Thoodhuvalai - Herbal Medicine

Solanum trilobatum cure cancer. It has most powerful medicinal properties. It can be used for curing Tuberculosis(TB), primary complex, asthma, Tonsilloliths, thyroid tumors and tumors raised in mouth, cheek, ear . It is a number one medicine for healing cold. We can get a permanent solution for Thyroid tumors if we use this medicine in the initial stage.

To cure thyroid tumors completely, Collect 15 to 50 gram of cleaned Solanum trilobatum and grind with soaked raw rice. Then make a roti/dosa with this batter. Have at least 3 of this roti/dosa for 2 months daily. Within 15 days throat pain will be reduced. Then step by step thyroid tumors cured completely.

Collect 15 gram of Solanum trilobatum leaves and boil with 500ml of water till it reduced to 200ml. Filter this water and store it. Drink this water 30ml to 40ml 3 times per day. This will cure a cough, breathing trouble, cold with fever, TB. As an alternative, we can make it as chutney or salad by taking 20gm of this leaves seasoned with ghee. To get the better result, we can eat this chutney at morning, noon, night along with rice.

Having this chutney weekly twice will prevent and cure any diseases. In this method, lungs will be cleaned and protected. It will prevent and cure Asthma, Eosinophilia . It will strengthen brain nerves and increases memory power.

Collect the green fruits of Solanum trilobatum and soak in buttermilk. Dry these soaked green fruits in the sunlight. Fry them in oil during snow , rainy days and use as a side dish. This will cure Asthma and Strengthen lungs.

We can use the powder of Solanum trilobatum leaves. This will cure a cold and cough. It will make you hungry. Asthma and diabetes patients can use this powder continuously. We can immediately control and stop a cough, if we have this powder along with clove powder, honey. Having this powder along with cow milk will remove the faint caused by bile. Having with Buffalo buttermilk will cure anemia and produce fresh blood. We can avoid any bite poison by having this powder mixed with water.

Eating hard chutney of Solanum trilobatum leaves weekly twice will cure gas troubles completely. Strengthen immunity. Enhances the sexual pleasure.

Asthma patients can drink 50ml of Solanum trilobatum daily morning in empty stomach. Boil 100ml of Solanum trilobatum juice, 30ml ghee, 5gram insulin plant (Kostam in Tamil) together and cool down and store it. Having this syrup 1 teaspoon twice a day after the meal will cure from slight cold to Pertussis. It can be feed to kids as well. There is no harm.

Solanum trilobatum prevent Cancer. It will cure Throat, ovarian and Mouth cancer. Research already confirmed that this is the best medicine to cure Throat cancer and Mouth cancer.

If we found cancer due to smoking and liquor drinking, those people can consume Solanum trilobatum to recover completely and return to normal healthy life.

Ghee mixed with Solanum trilobatum leaves is one of the famous medicine in Siddha medicine. Having this ghee 1 to 2 tablespoon will cure tuberculosis, cough, phlegm, syphilis, diseases caused by heat, hissing, sober, flatulence, gas troubles.

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