May, Jun, July are suitable months for producing Ladies Finger or Bhendi.

Plow the 75 cent land with tractor fixed with harrow discs. Rest the land for 2 days.

Plow the land with tractor fixed with rotavator. Take 150 feet length, 4 feet width and 2 feet height of beds. Based on the land increase the length.

Mix 15 tonnes of farm yard manure, 400 kg of vermicompost, 400 kg of Neem oil cakes, 1 kg Phosphobacteria, and 1kg Azospirillum together and should be spread on the beds made.

Fix drop water pipes and spread polythene mulching sheet on the beds. This sheet avoids unnecessary weeds growing around the plants. Also, prevents water vaporizing. This sheet can be used up to 2 years. This could be rolled taken out safely once completion of the cultivation for reuse.
Now on the each side of the mulching sheet make 4-inch pits(holes) in each 1 feet gaps. These holes should be in zigzag triangle planting system on each side. Moist the land by water continuously two days, then put one seed per hole and plant. Follow moisturizing based on frequent checkups.

Sowing the 5-th day, germination takes. On 15-th day , it will grow for half feet tall. At this stage, ants movement will be there and will be a chance that the ants will make holes in leaves, stems. To prevent Ladies finger plant from ants , mix six litres of neem oil with 150 kg of neem oil cakes. Sprinkle 100 g of this mix around each plant. This will make all ants run away.

On 35th day, all the plants will start bloom and after 40th day it will begin to bear. We can harvest ladies fingers from 45th day to 140th day.

Hope you got some info. Let's see another plant in another article.