There should be some logical reason behind for all our ancestor's habits. None of them superstition. All the rituals followed in hair cut to an oath of office contains life philosophies. Those philosophies not only teaching as good things about how to live. It also tells us the way to live the healthy life. Having Paan often also good for health. The fact is many of the people who takes paan frequently do not know this.

In general, mixing betel leaves, areca nut, and lime in equal ratio and eating will make body and brain very active. It will strengthen the heart.

Why human body gets diseases? Siddha and Ayurveda medicine answering this question. It said that when Rheumatic, Bile, and Kapa exceeded or lagging in the body, we get diseases. That's right.

While these three factors equal ratio in the body, it will not get diseases. Also, the body will have enough immune system.

Paan is helping to keep these three factors in equal ratio. Arecanut from paan controls the bile. Lime from the paan controls Rheumatic. Spice from Betal leaf removes Kapa diseases.

So, a habit of having paan will keep balance rheumatic, bile and Kapa in equal ratio. Also, cardamon , cloves and mace from paan will kill germs from the mouth. It will empower the digestion system. So there are so many good things included by having paan. That's why it plays a key role in our banquets.

The problems start when having paan along with Tobacco.

There is no tobacco added in our ancestor's paan habit. The evil practice of adding tobacco has been started in between. Nowadays the biggest problem of older people is the bone fracture. Even small fracture causes the bigger health problems due to their old age. Sometimes, small fracture will give death as a gift.

But, 10, 20 years back, the fracture was rare. The reason behind is, they had a habit of eating paan. A certain amount of calcium nutrient from lime added in the paan directly strengthen the bones.

Our ancestors defined certain rules for eating paan. Arecanut should be more in the paan when we have after breakfast. Because when the climate become hot in the afternoon, it restricts the bile creation.

After lunch calcium should be more. This will prevent Rheumatic and gastric issues. At night betel leaf should be more. It will help to avoid Kapa.

* * * When violating these rules, the problems occur* Spread this information to others get benefitted.