Do you know why 1kg of broiler chicken on sale for Rs180 nowadays?

Broiler chicken is an artificial bird which loses liver, arteries, lung after 55 days of birth. This is the meat we are eating in our regular diet in the name of “Halal”. Think about this Friends!!!

In few days, there would be troubles for selling the chicken because of its unhealthy. So, there will be a chance of 40Rs price down for a kg. To compensate and balance, chicken companies are increasing the price to 180Rs. So that, the price will be balanced again at 120Rs while 40Rs down.

Broiler chicken will remove all nutrients from our bones completely. It will make Jaundice and spoil Gastric, Liver, etc...

Most of Namakkal district people from Tamilnadu impacted by cancer disease since huge consumption of broiler Chicken. But, the owners of poultry farms and politicians keep seeing this situation as the business point of view and they prevent spreading information on this matter to people. Though Namakkal HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION took steps to spread information and make awareness to people, they only able to provide this news in a weekly magazine.

To meet 7 tastes of the body, our traditional people defined 6 tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent) and these are followed in all 5 types of geographical landscapes (Kurinchi – mountainous regions, Mullai – Forests, Marutham – Cropland, Neydhal – Seashore, Palai – desert). Our ancestors had different meat in their daily diet like goat, lamb, beef, chicken, quail, partridge,etc..).Many Sangam literature telling about the Warrior eating the raw meat and its blood during the war.

In Today's life, there are two different opinions about eating non-veg.

First one is, we will gain weight. We can't think efficient using brain. So being vegetarian is the best.

The second one is, vegetable and fruits do not matter for whom being non-vegetarian?

Which one is correct among these two?

The truth is being in between. It is an insulting statement if we say that eating non-veg reduce brain function. 99% of Nobel laureates , Microsoft, Apple company owners are non-vegetarian. Compared to meat, vegetable and fruit having less protein, micronutrients. For Example, 100gm liver has 6000 microgram iron nutrient. 100gram carrot has just 300g iron. So non-veg enough to survive? No.

How to consume non-veg and how much need to consume is the matter. Because it won't be suitable for the normal person going in a car when compared to the Champ going to war. From that day to today, the quantity of food eating by fisherman can't be suitable to the software engineer who is ordering the fish fry in the AC restaurant under the candle light. Always working level and living style are taking an important role to decide the quantity of food. So we can eat non-veg. But, it should be some limit. A five-member family can eat 1/2 kg of goat/lamb or 1 kg of chicken or 1 kg of fish per week. Even it will be better if we split them twice per week. We can eat vegetables and fruits on other days. Do fasting once per week.

Our ancestors had just horse gram soup and rice along with Ginger chutney whenever they had meat in the prior day. They aware that goat meat will have more fat and give energy to the body. At the same time, they aware that horse gram and ginger will dissolve fat. Do we aware anything like this? No. Tamil medicine saying that to include ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, asafoetida/hing whenever taking non-veg. Till this day, No meat will cook in any south Indian kitchen without these spices.

But, today there are many foreign restaurants arrived corner to corner and selling fried chicken. But, we can't see these spices on them. Are you having non-veg in the AC restaurant? Do you know what all are the ingredients added in that? Hundreds of Chemical factors and chemical salts added in them. Specifically, Cancer causing agents like sodium nitrate, Monosodium salts glutamate are added.

Chicken is very good food. But, it should be naturally grown(Country chicken or organic). It should not be grown by injection. Generally, Chicken will make the body warm and avoid diseases. It will remove cold, cough,etc.. Siddha medicine saying that chicken will increase libido. Modern food science saying that chicken is rich in fiber, B12. It won't increase body weight. Chicken is the best food to being healthy and strong.

There is a country chicken called Black fowl. This chicken meat will be Carmine in color. Siddha medicine keeps advising that this meat is the best medicine for the people having muscle week and other muscle related diseases.

Injection “Roxarsone” given to broiler chicken to increase the flush and weight. But, America's Duquesne University confirmed that this is cancer causing agent for the human. Problems like small girls get early Pubertal, decreasing of libido for men will happen to whom eating this injected chicken and this chicken laid eggs.

So friends, be aware and think what we need to eat.