Health benefits of Marigold

It's a plant which has yellow flowers. People used to call it as “Thulukka Samandhi” Flower.

Ground Paste of this flower can be used for Abrasion, wounds, skin diseases, burns, rashes, eczema, hemorrhoids, etc.

It is the best medicine to heal Constipation, intestinal ulcers, menstrual problems.

It is used to get rid of pests which suck juices and damages the food plants.

This is an efficient mosquito repellent.

It grows very well under sunlight. If you don't have problems with the smell of this flower, it can be grown wherever the mosquitoes produced such as inside bathroom, kitchen etc.

Just keeping this plant under sunlight for two hours daily is enough. It grows well and avoids musquitos.

In India, we would see this flower at many of the houses as decorative plant.

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