Natural ways of getting rid of acne from face!!!

Getting acne in the face is natural. Sometimes this acne becomes scares and makes uncomfortable. This can not be hidden even by using chemical makeup items. But, there are few natural ways to get rid of.

Fenugreek! The best remedy to eliminate scars caused by pimples. Making the fine paste of fenugreek and applying face mask will remove scars.

An alternative way is boiling the fenugreek seeds and making a smooth paste. Then applying this paste on scars and dry for 15 to 20 minutes and cleaning in the cold water will remove scars.

Lemon is a good medicine. Making lemon juice and rubbing on scars using cotton will help to fade out scars. After sometimes do face wash in warm water. Lemon is good to remove black marks as well.

Making a paste of sandal with rose water and making face mask will remove scars. The face mask needs to be kept for an hour.

Rubbing olive oil regularly on scars will remove scars and even it will stop producing the pimples.

Cucumber naturally helps to soften the skin. This can be used regularly for removing scars.

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