A lot of people have scars due to injuries or heavy chicken pox. Especially Lot of women gets this kind of scars while working.Particularly when cooking with hot oil, ironing the clothes. Such scars are clearly visible and make us feel uncomfortable and ugly.

Though many creams available to cure these scar in the market, no use. But, we can use certain natural medicines to cure these scars.

1. Citrus fruits are a great medicine to remove these burns. Super medicine is lemon juice. Rubbing the lemon juice on burnt scars and massaging 2 minutes daily will help to disappear scars.

Note: Only we need to apply lemon juice, once the injury completely becomes scars.

2. Badam or olive oil can be applied on the scars for massage. Doing twice a day will fade out the scars.

3. Aloe-Vera gel is also a good medicine. Applying this gel on the scars and massaging will fade out the scars. Skin also gets shine and glow.

4. Daily, rubbing whole milk on the scars and doing massage for 10 minutes before bath will fade out scars. Lemon juice can be added with milk if needed.

5. Olive Oil includes many benefits. This can be used to remove the scar. Applying this oil on scars daily morning and evening and massaging will completely remove.

6. Tomato has a lot of vitamins and it can be used to remove the dead cells from the body and disappear scars. For this, using cut tomato or tomato juice to rub on scars and massaging daily will remove.

7. Chamomile tea is one of the best medicine. After making this tea, just filtering out the leaves, and applying this leaves on the scars and massaging will remove scars completely.