Ayurvedic Beauty Tips: Add turmeric powder in the coconut oil and apply it to the body. Take bath with green gram flour. This will make the soft and glowing skin.

Cut the orange fruit into two and rub on the face. Wash with cold water after 10 minutes. If you do this daily, the face will be shiny and make you young.

To remove unwanted hair on the face, apply lemon juice frequently. Doing this every day will stop hair grow and face look beauty.

Before cutting the nails, apply any oil on them and leave it sometime. This will make you cut them easier and you can cut them desired shape and look beautiful.

If the hair looks too much oily, mix a little sugar in the egg and beat it. Then slightly rub on the hair and take head bath. This will remove the excess oil and hair looks very shiny.

Dry neem leaves, mint leaves, a little henna leaves and Acalphaindica leaves in sunlight and make it to powder. Take this powder and make it a paste by adding a little milk. Apply this paste on face and leave for 20 minutes before bath. This will make sure face will not be black and will stop prickly heat.

In a warm hot water add two spoons of salts, wash your face. This will make eyes bright.
If the joints of the hand, leg are black in color, apply the lime juice on them daily and take a bath. Black mark will disappear soon. If the skin is dry and compacted, apply olive oil and soak for some time and then take bath.

Add two tablespoons of mint juice and half a lemon juice with green gram flour and apply it on the face for 10 minutes. Wash it. The scars created by pimple will disappearance.

To remove the hair from the face, mix the egg white, sugar, corn flour together and make it a smooth paste. Apply on the face. When it dry, peel gently and slowly. Hair will come out along with the egg.