Sugarcane, palm, and coconut are very important plants. Sugar is still produced from palm and coconut trees. However, sugar produced from sugarcane is considered the major part of the sugar business. So let's get to know this in more detail.

What will happen to us by knowing this?
To know the reason why we are on top of sugar patient list! Yes! To know how the sugarcane, which is the nutrient ingredient, transformed into the poisoned 'White sugar'!
The harvested sugarcane from the fields must go to sugar mills and cross multiple stages before turning into white sugar. First, the chaff is broken into multiple pieces, squeezed and extracted the juice. Lime is added to this juice and boiled. Then the mixture is cooled. Then, kind of sugar syrup is added to the solid sugar cane juice. This is called 'Affination'. The natural color of the sugar cane is brown. This color changes slightly into white by this process.

The next step is cleansing by either one of the processes called carbonation or PHOSPHATATION. Calcium hydroxide + carbon dioxide mixture is used in carbonation. Another way is calcium hydroxide + phosphoric acid mixture. Some nutrients are removed from sugar by these processes.

In the next step, sugarcane juice is passed through the “oxidated carbon” base. This is the reason for the pure white color of sugar (now replaced by the ion exchange resin in some places). This extracted juice is boiled again and cooled down. Then, a kind of little sugar powder is sprinkled. The end result is a "sugar" like a white diamonds.

After extracted the juice, rest of the dregs mixture are kept aside in the name of “Molasses”. These dregs contains 30% of sucrose, 25% glucose, fructose and slightly above iron ore. These dregs used for processing brown sugar, alcohol, and alternating fuel. ( Here 'Brown Sugar' is regular sugar, not a drug).

Above mentioned chemical processes are called as "Refining Process / Purification" in the sugar factory. Means removing impurities from the sugarcane juice! (our fate) In fact, they are completely removing out all the nutrients that are good for our body! Yeah.... you will get surprised if you know what all the nutrients are in the sugarcane juice before cleansing.
Lime - 85 milligrams
Iron - 1.91 mg
Magnesium - 29 mg
Phosphorus - 22 mg
Potassium - 346 mg
Sodium - 39 mg
B2 - 0.007 mg
B3 - 0.082 mg
P6 - 0.026 mg
B9 - 1.0 mg
This is what sugar producers call impurities.

Sugar juice is boiled three times. There are many nutrients that are evaporated. Thereafter, compounds such as lime mixture, calcium hydroxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and phosphoric acid are added. Many of us know that each of these causes a variety of damages.
All the nutrients present in sugarcane, the vitamins needed for the body, the mineral and the micro nutrients are removed and we are getting just sweet candy that gives only 260 calories.

Let's not forget a thing here. The reason for the pure white of sugar is bones of the cow or pig or animals. Just change your thought of considering Sugar as a pure vegetarian food if you still think so. Many of us think that Brown sugar produced from molasses is better than the white sugar. But that's just fantasy.

In some of the star hotels, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, 0% calories sugar packs are kept with coffee or tea. In fact, there is no major difference between them. Both are bad for health.
The sugarcane juice boiled at some temperature and getting sugar without doing any chemical process is actually called as “Brown Sugar”. This sugar is really good for our health.
Just compare the sugar with rice. We ruined the rice as well. We removed bran from rice, again and again, to make it pure white and removed all its nutrients and taken out just a sweet part. We have also done the same thing for sugar. Sucking all the natural ingredients from sugarcane and making it a sweet candy. The result? Like White rice, white sugar also a source of diabetes.

In the past, the average man consumed only 7 - 10kg of sugar a year. Currently, the average annual use of a man has increased to 25 - 30 kg. It is also an undeniable fact that the diabetes patients globally has increased. But, still, doctors keep telling that “there is no relation between white sugar and diabetes” is a big fun!!

Awake my dear people!!!!