Ladoo is an Indian sweet which is prepared using flour, sugar and they are shaped into small balls. Sweet Potato is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, copper and vitamin B6. It also full of dietary fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and phosphorous. Therefore, it is really healthy to eat Sweet Potato Ladoo. Like me, you may even add some grated coconut, cardamom powder to grant a beautiful texture to Sweet Potato Ladoo. Though it can be eaten as a dessert, they can be served during tea-time or supper as well.


Sweet potato – 8 (small ones)
Jaggery/Achu vellam – 4 pieces
Fried gram – 4 teaspoon
Cardamon – 4
Grated coconut – 2 teaspoon
Salt as required


Add 8 small sweet potatoes in a pan and cook till soften by adding little salt.

In parallel, add 4 cardamon, and 4 teaspoon fried gram in a mixer jar and make into powder.

Once sweet potatoes cooked well , filter out water and cool down by adding little cold water.
Peel of the skin.
In a pan melt 4 jaggery (Achu vellam) by adding 2 teaspoon of water.

Once jaggery melted, smash all sweet potatoes with your hand and add on the melted jaggery.

Then add ground fried gram powder and mix it well.

Now add 2 teaspoon of Grated coconut and stir well.

Now make into small balls while the mix is little warm.

Now tasty and healthiest sweet potato laddu's are ready to serve.