Procedure to eating Food for a healthy life!

Why we need to eat Food?

The human body composed of many different types of cells that together 
create tissues and subsequently organ systems. They ensure homeostasis and the viability of 
the human body.

If the human body biologically not acting, we say He/She is dead. It applicable for all 
animals as well. So, For biological function of our body, we need to consume food.

When do we need to eat food?

We should eat food whenever we get hungry. Somebody used to say that they are eating on 
time. But, its a wrong habit. Its a best practice that taking food when we get hungry. This 
will make sure to keep us healthy. For example, all animals and birds will eat food only when they get hungry. All other time, they will sleep. Also, avoiding food when you get 
hungry will lead to unhealthy and make you ulcer kind of diseases.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Hungry is defined as Fire. The reason is while we get hungry our 
stomach will slightly start burn. That means it expects food.

How to eat food?

While we get hungry, we should not kill the hungry completely. That means we should not 
eat food 100% to fill stomach. We have to eat only 75%. You can split into 50% of solid food. 
25% of Liquid food and 25% empty. While cooking also we do the same in a pan. We don’t 
cover the pan completely. In the bottom we add solid food like rice on top of that water and 
leave some space on top to cook. Our body also should be like that. The reason behind of 
eating 75% only and leaving 25% is to get hungry again properly.  

Example: Consider fire, you should not completely off the fire, you have to keep some 
portion to make the lighting again. The same will be applicable while talking about hungry.