Generic Pain Reliever Balm for all kind of pain

Winter has started. We would start getting all kind of pain from head to toe.
What do you do next? We would go to Doctor and put pain Killer tablet. It will 

relieve pain for sometime and again we will get. 

In our house we make "all the pain relief balm."
It will work for Headache, muscle cramp, back pain, leg pain, joint painsprain. The smell 
will be fantastic.

Required ingredients:

Neem oil - 200 ml
Castor oil - 200 ml
Pongame oil - 200 ml
Mustard oil - 200 ml
Sesame oil - 200 ml
Eucalyptus oil - 200 ml 
Camphor - 100 gm
Indravalli juice(Mudakkathan keerai in tamil) - 300 ml

How to make:
Grind Indravalli leaves and make juice from it. Juice will be like little gel consistency. Mix all the oils listed above except Eucalyptus oil. 

Take a heavy bottom pan and heat Indravalli juice with little oil we mixed. Make sure 
to keep the flame in sim. Keep stir and heat until the bubbles of Indravalli juice set down.
Once bubbles set down, add rest of the oil and heat for sometime. Then switch off the flame 

and add Eucalyptus oil and Camphor and close with the lid for sometime.
Then store it in a bottle and use as a pain reliever. 

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