Siddha Medicine - What are the benefits of drinking ginger juice with milk?

Siddha Medicine suggests many home remedies for us. It saves money as well as make you healthy long life.  Ginger is one of the main ingredients in the Sidha medicine.  Lets see benefits of ginger milk.

Ginger milk:

1. It will clean liver.

2. Cold will run away from you.

3. You never get gastric problem. 

4. Avoid unnecessary fat substance from your body.

5. You can say good bye to your belly stomach and get fit. 

6. Excess weight will gradually decreased.

7. Who want to be lean, can continue drinking this milk daily.

8. It will dissolve the blockage in the blood vessels. Hence, there is no chance for getting heart attack.

9. It will avoid uterus cancer for women.

10. It will make you active for the entire day.

Ginger juice can be mixed in boiling milk while preparing. Otherwise we can use the chopped ginger pieces as well. 

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