Tips for increasing your immunity power

All living things are subject to attack from disease-causing agents. Multi cellular animals have dedicated cells or tissues to deal with the threat of infection. Some of these responses happen immediately so that an infecting agent can be quickly contained. Other responses are slower but are more tailored to the infecting agent. Collectively, these protections are known as the immune system. The human immune system is essential for our survival in a world full of potentially dangerous microbes, and serious impairment of even one arm of this system can predispose to severe, even life-threatening, infections.

Here are the tips to increase your immunity power for safe life from infections.

1. Take a bunch of mint and clean it thoroughly. Let it dry under the shadow for a day or two. Make this dry mint into smooth powder and store it. Drink tea daily once made up using this powder along with palm sugar to gain immunity power.

2. Wash and boil Apricot fruit. Mash it in a bowl. Boil oatmeal, milk and sugar together till thick consistency and cool down. Add mashed apricot with oatmeal and mix it. Give this food to your kids for increasing their immunity. You can also have this food.

3. Eat wood apple and gooseberry every day to increase immunity.

4. Drink milk mixed with grape juice and water melon juice. This will strengthen the body and Increase the immune system.

5. Take the basil roots, wash it well, dry it and make it to powder. Have a spoon of powder daily. This will increase the immunity.

6. Take a teaspoon of Centella asiatica(Vallarai in tamil) powder with equal amount of sesame oil while your daily diet. 

7. Make jelly from 250g of sugar candy and add 20g cardamon, 10g dry ginger powder. Then add 500g aeglemarmeles flowers and cook well. Then add 100g of honey and mix it. Take gooseberry size of this mix daily morning and evening for 40 days continuously. This will strengthen your body.

8. Make soup from finely chopped cabbage weekly once without salt and drink. This will increase immunity power and avoid any infections. 

9. Add curry leavesmint, coriander leaves and stems of any greens in your daily diet. This will increase immunity. 

10. Cook Amaranthus viridis leaves, fenugreek leaves, black nightshade leaves with moong dal and eat frequently.

11. Make juice from 5 fresh basil leaves and drink daily twice. 

12. Soak the ginger piece in honey and eat. This will clean your stomach and increase immunity. 

13. You can eat a carrot, beetroot, flat beans, banana stem regularly. 

14. Eat one red banana daily night before bedding. This definitely increases stamina and immunity. 

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