Tips to remove Dandruff - Home Remedies

Winter started. Many of us would face the problem of dandruff. You might tried all the advertised products and no luck to get rid off dandruff. So, better follow our natural medicine.

Here I am going to share two types of medicine.

1. oil for dandruff 

Sesame oil-100 ml
Coconut oil-250 ml
Mustard oil -100 ml
Veet oil -25 ml
White pepper- 50 gm

Green tea powder or leaf-25 gm
black basil powder - 50 gm


Mix all ingredients and just warm for ten min in the gas stove, but don't allow to boil. keep it under the sunlight for 5 days. Store it in the glass container with muslin cloth and start using it daily. u can less the amount of ingredients as per your need, but don't change the ratio. regularly apply this oil and get good results.

2. pack for dandruff


Basil powder- 2 spoon
Phyla nodiflora Greene) powder- 2 spoon

Neem powder - 1 spoon
Tanner's cassia) leaf powder- 2 spoon

Pepper powder - 2 spoon
Coconut milk / curd for mixing all.


Mix all ingredients with first coconut milk or curd, apply for one hour on the hair. Wash your hair compulsorily with shikakai(Acacia concinna). Don't use shampoo for hair wash and use slight hot water.

You will see best results from above two tips. If you like this tips, feel free to share the link to your friends.

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