Benefits of Eating Carrot

Eating a raw carrot is better than eating cooked since we will be getting all of its nutrients without losing. Carrots are rich in Calcium, Vitamin A, D, E.
100g Carrot contains
41g Calories
9g Carbohydrates
5g sugar.
3g fiber
0.2g fat
1g protein

Carrots are good for healthy eyes, skin , growth of body since it is rich in vitamin A. Beta Carotene available in it will helpful to reduce the cholesterol from the body.
By eating a carrot every day, we can remove unwanted fat in the body and prevents intestinal ulcers.
Carrot juice mixed with lemon juice will cure bile disorders.
Eating carrot with half a boiled egg and honey will increase body energy and libido.
People who have Diarrhea, stomach flu, Hemorrhoids, stomach pain can drink carrot juice to fast recovery.
Carrot milk milkshake can be fed to the kids since calcium available in it will helpful to easily digestible.
Carrot juice is very good for those who has gas troubles. It will helpful to Appetite stimulation and act as a diuretic. Eating carrot salad will cure dry skin, body itching.
It helps to secrete more insulin. Sugar patients can take little bit Carrots.
While Cancer patients taking chemotherapy, drinking carrot juice for 48 days continuously will helpful to avoid side effects.
The eating Carrot salad will be helpful to avoid irritation during urination and to cure the wound created in pubic areas.

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