There is a drink released from the bee’s stomach in various colors is called Honey. It has many medicinal properties which is being used for humans.
Everybody knows the benefits of taking honey in our daily diet.  The following are a few benefits.

Taking carrot juice with honey before an hour of breakfast  will give the progression of eye sight.

To cough
Drinking ginger juice with honey in proper ration will cure cough, sore throat, chest colds, runny nose and nasal congestion.

Adding Half a gram of black pepper powder with ginger juice mixed with honey and taking in our daily diet will cure Asthma.

Blood Pressure
Taking two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of garlic juice, two times per day (morning and evening) is the best remedy for blood pressure.

Blood purification / fat reduction
Adding One or two tablespoons of honey  and one tablespoon of lemon juice into a cup of warm water and drinking this mix daily morning once wake up,  will be useful for blood purification and reduce the fat. It will also clean the stomach.

Heart tonic
Adding one or two tablespoons of honey with Anise (Anise Powder / Yansoun Powder) and drinking will strengthen the heart and its functionality.

Things to consider when having honey:
1. Do not mix honey with hot food products.

2. Avoid heat honey.
3. People who work in places where high temperatures to avoid the consumption of honey.
4. Honey should never mixed with rain water, mustard,  ghee and spicy dishes
Honey is a physical mixture of nectar from many flowers collected by bees. This include the toxic flowers as well. All toxic will be having the quality of alkali and heat. So there is the possibility of increasing the toxic when combining the honey  with alkali and hot food products
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