Selling of Idli Dosa batter business is expanded hugely in the past 10 years. Ready made Idli/Dosa batter reduced women's workload. On the other hand, this batter business opened a door for a money-making as profession for many people. They can work from home. In recent days, this batter is available from the big mall as well as from small shops as pockets. 

But many of us not aware that this ready made batter is slow poison for us. If we know the true facts behind this batterwe could get shock and freeze!

Home made Idli/Dosa batter can fermented and getting sour overnight or within 6 to 8 hours. The readymade batter will not ferment and get sour even for 5 to 6 days. Because to avoid sour smell, Boric acid, arrowroot powder being added with batter. Note that boric acid powder is the one we use for playing carom board and apply on wound.

Grinders which supposed to grind 3 to 6 hours a day for making a dosa batter, running for 12-18 hours. Hence, the grinder stone eroded and mixed with the batter. This makes high changes for forming kidney stones. 

Though quality good rice and urad dal used for making battergood water should be used as well. But, most of the batter companies using salt and saline water.

Our ancestors put a handful of fenugreek seed with rice and urad dal while making dosa batter. Fenugreek is a natural Antibiotic which has the ability to prevent body heat, mouth smell and ulcer. Readymade dosa batter companies do not use fenugreek.

Furthermorebacteria called e-coli, which is generally in milk, curd, eggvegetable and beef being controlled in count when its in threshold temperature. When dosa batter is packed and transported over different places, this bacteria count increased due to increasing temperature. Some stores do not use refrigerator. This makes food poison and sometimes it will be a slow poison while we consume. 

Therefore, Madras Corporation widely conducting raid in shops and batter companies and seizing the poor quality dosa batter and making fines to those parties.

Sobuy this dosa batter from who you know better and honest people. It is good to avoid buying the batter from unknowing sellers and shops.