America University proved that the best number one nutritional fruit in the world is south Indian desi Guava. We are eating this fruit regularly without knowing this fact. If you know the nutrients contained in it, you will give first preference to Guava than Apple. If you know about its nutritional benefits, then definitely it will be part of in your super market budget.

Vitamin C amount in Guava is more than four times of orange fruit. Vitamin 'C' keep the body healthy and give you immunity. It has fiber and low sugar content.

Do not eat while an empty stomach:
Do not eat the guava on an empty stomach. Because more acidity in guavas, cause many disturbances in the stomach. Guava has more nutrients than apples.

During pregnancy:
Pregnant women are advised to eat more guava as it has much folic acid, vitamin B9.

To clean Blood:
If you eat the ripped guava with pepper and lemon juice, you will avoid tiredness and bile gall issues. Eating guava with chikku(sapodilla) fruit and honey will strengthen body and cleanses your blood.

A migraine:
Grind guava leaves with sandalwood and apply on the forehead. It will cure a headache and a migraine. Drinking guava leaves juice will cure the stomach pain and sore throat.

Eating guava fruit after lunch helps for good digestion and cure constipation. Heal the ulcer, rheumatism, itching, hemorrhoids, any cardiovascular issues and diarrhea. It also maintains blood pressure level.

Diabetic patients:
Guava is best food for sugar patients. Guava has much fiber and low sugar content and Sugar Cane.