Make juice from ginger and garlic in 5:1 ratio and drink. This is good for maintaining a healthy stomach and reduce fat. Do not add more garlic other than mention ratio to avoid stomach burn. 

To remove mucus from the throat ,eat 4 to 5 garlic pods with crystal salt and drink some warm water.

Eat a spoon of cumin seeds and then drink some water for gas trouble issues.

Make a powder of fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds in 1:1 ratio and store in a bottle. One spoon of this powder can be added in Sambar whenever you make. You can eat this powder often and drink some water. This is good for maintaining a healthy stomach and diabetic. 

When you make rasam or soupadd little cumin seed and ajwain. This is very good for health. 

Boil betel leaf, young neem leaves, dry ginger, pepper, piper longum, garlic together with water. Feed one teaspoon of this boiled water to children. Make sure this is filtered water. You can give this water with honey as well.

Dry Dry-ginger, Pepper, Piper Longum (Tamil Tri-kadukam) under sunlight and make smooth powder. Eat a spoon of this powder and drink water. It will be good for health. For kids, you can give this with honey. 

This type of natural drugs can be eaten regularly to avoid any diseases. 

We will say that children in our hometown will grow with oil and water. We apply coconut oil on the body every day on baby before the bath using hot water.

Boiled water can be given often.