1. Grind aloe-vera gel with cucumber and apply around the eyes and wash it off in cold water after few minutes. This will eliminate the eye dark circles.

2. Cut the apple and eat dipping with little pure honey. Eyes become beauty as well as eyes will get best brightness.

3. Mix ground Cucumber and tomato paste together and apply around the eyes wash after 10 minutes. Follow this step few days to remove eyes dark circles.

4. Similarly, You can use the combination of Almonds , milk paste. 

5. Eyebrows will be soft and pleasant, if you apply olive oil on the eyebrows every night.

6. Add the coriander juice with butter and apply around the eyes to remove the darkness. 

7. Heat banana skin slightly and place it on the eyes. Follow these steps to get away from eyes dark. 

8. In the same way, you can use cotton cloth dipped with milk and apply on the eyes and remove 10 minutes later.

9. You could use the combination of Basil juice, mint juice, rose water. 

10. Mix Aloe-vera gel with rose water and apply daily under the eyes. Wash after 10 minutes. This will remove dark circles. 

11.Washing the face with a warm salt water will make your eyes bright. 

12. Make a paste of Cucumber, potato and keep aside. Apply an eye mask with cotton cloth soaked in rose water. On top of that apply the cucumber , potato paste before bed. Continue this step for 5 days. Your dark circles will completely remove.