The Ladyfinger is a flowering plant name called Okra. It is known by all people in many corners of the world. The price of this is little expensive as it is coming from a flower plant. The scientific name of this interesting plant is "Abelmoschus esculentus".

Okra can be used for soup, curry and fries in all the season. Its oil can also be used for cooking. So the popularity of this vegetable is keep rising. There are still many other uses in it. It contains many health benefits because it contains mineralsvitamins and organic compounds.

The okra may not be the traditional vegetable. Butit contains vitamins (A, B, C, E and K), mineralscalcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. The fibrous is also high in the okra. Here, we will see how to use this for diseases as medicine

Take three to five okra and wash with clean water. Then cut both vertical edges slightly to ignore. Then cut vertically into two pieces. Add these cut okra into a boiling pan and add 500 ml water. Boil this till water quantity becomes 2/3. Then switch off the flame and close the pan and leave overnight. In the morningdrink this water and eat cooked vegetables in the empty stomach. Although it is a difficult procedure, you can get relief from joint deterioration, joint pain and swelling.

Daily soak two or three cut pieces of okra in a tumbler of water overnight. In the morningdrink this soaked water alone in the empty stomach. If you follow this daily, the amount of sugar in the blood will decrease. It will also help a person with cancer as supporting medicine.

People with heart disease, who suffer from heart attack, can follow the abovesaid way to reduce the cholesterol in blood (serum cholesterol) and help for having healthy heart.

Select 150gm of young ladyfinger and add with 700 ml. Of water and 75g of sugar or honey. Take 50 to 70 ml of this mix every 4 hours. This will cure leucorrhoea (for both males, female), coughing, and Urinary irritation.

Cut off two to three pieces of okra and boil in 500 ml of water. Inhale the vapor while boiling. This will heal a cough and throat irritation. It is good to do for few days.

Okra paste or okra leaves paste can be used in bandage for the wound, swollen to heal quickly.

Cut two to three okras and boil with 200 ml of water. Cooldown and drink by adding little sugar. This will heal stomach pain, Diarrhea, constipation. 

Young pregnant women can consume okra. It will give nourishment, and nervous system disorders will be avoided for the baby in the stomach.

Drink ladyfinger boiled water with sugar to avoid dizziness and sunstroke during summer. 

Crush okra and apply on head for half an hour before bath. This will heal dandruff issues. Adding the Okra in diet can reduce the cost of medicine and give a healthy life!!