Nutmeg is an herb that attract people of the world by its flavor.

It has much spice and astringent taste. Nutmeg has amazing numerous medicinal properties and nutrients!

It is produced at Penang in Malaysia and in the Western Ghats of India.

The nutmeg has lot of influence around the world and there are more historical news behind this nut.

Due to its overwhelming responses for this nice smell, the Arab sailors have kept secret that where it is available from for few hundred years.

The fruit of nutmeg is used for making pickle. The seed inside is called nutmeg.

Between seed and its fruit flush there is a thin layer is called maize. 

The seed and maize are the ones, have nice flavor and have much medicinal benefit.

Sidha medicine prescribing this nutmeg for many diseases such as diarrheaasthma, but it well know medicine for curing diarrhea for children.

There was also suspicion that the flavorful content of nutmeg is in its nutrients. But, after many studies proved that though it works directly in the nervous system, it is not a drug.

Today's science suggests that nutmeg can be used to improve the nervous system, to improve mental agony, to encourage the mind, to increase the memory and release the mind from the stress.

The results of the study in Thailand indicate that nutmeg is also effective in reducing cholesterol in the blood and preventing blood cancer in white cells.

Take an equal ratio of nutmeg powder and dry ginger powder and 2:1 amount of cumin powder and mix it. Eat three table spoons of this powder before meal. This will remove gas trouble and help to digestion.

Nutmeg powder is the best medicine for diarrhea caused by viral and bacteria.

The Myristicin nutrient is the reason for slight sweetness of the nutmeg. This nutmeg Myristicin is being added in Anti-aging creams to avoid shrinking of skin. 

Add a pinch of nutmeg powder with cow milk and drink before go for sleep at night. This will remove depression, consistent sleep and strengthen nerves.

Nutmeg and maize are the best drugs for infertility, increase sperm counts and create sexual interest.

Take equal amount of nutmeg, jute seed, cardamom, clove, green camphor, and, Plumbago zeylanica (all need to be properly cleaned.) and make it to smooth powder. It can be given to stomach painmenstrual pain, and migraine headaches. This drug is the immediate painkiller!

Overall, nutmeg is good and medicinal ingredients to use. Start use!!