Thespesia populnea commonly known as the Portia tree, Pacific rosewood or Milo, among other names, is species of flowering plant belonging to the mallow family, Malvaceae.

When we talk about this tree, I remember we make small horn out of this leave and blown. My father told me about medicinal benefit of this tree during my childhood. Immediately I checked with google for more detail. 

These trees are a sanctuary for caterpillar yearly once during rainy days. If this caterpillar bites, we used to apply coconut oil to get rid off itching. Those are unforgettable childhood memories. 

Also, those days Portia tree leaves are used as food serving leaves. But due to the technology we started using unhealthy aluminium foil, plastic paper foil. This is different story. Still in few villages, we see people using this tree for decoration of their fence. Let's see about this tree in more details below.

In Tamil, this tree is called as Poovarasu.(King of flowers). As per its name, it has many medicinal benefits for us when compared to other flowers. We can see this flower tree in the courtyard and in the gardens of many villages. This is one of the trees that live more than a hundred years long. It is found throughout India and Sri Lanka. Especially in South India. All the parts like leafflower, bark, seed are useful. Generally, the Portia tree is having four types. Desi Portia tree will have flowers throughout the year.

To protect the skin: We need to protect the skin carefully which is body's largest part. So that diseases can not enter into the body. Mix Portia tree bark powder, sandal wood powder and aeglemarmeles tree powder together. Apply this mixed powder on the skin frequently. This will prevent rash, scabies pigmented area on the skin. If you make juice out of the Portia tree seed pods, you will get gel kind of juice out of this. This juice can help to remove darker patches on the faceskin darkness due to neckless from the skin. Add two Portia seed pods,one ripe leaf, two hibiscus flowers make a paste like shampoo. Apply this shampoo during the bath. This will completely remove dandruff. If you apply the same paste into the body you will get shiny skin and it will remove Embryonic ring on the eyes.

Portia bark: The bark will have sweet taste if the tree is more than a hundred years old and red in color. Siddhars say that this stripe is a herbal. This hundred-year-old bark is broken down and extracted juice. This juice can be taken for 154(3 mandalam in tamil) days continuously to get rid off any kind of diseases and you will get a healthy body. Both Male and female can consume. In ancient times, women had a Portia bark powder along with honey to avoid a pregnancy.

Portia bark is equal to birth control. Removing Hepatitis Disorders. Strengthen manhood for men. Destroy intestinal worms. Ripe leaf, flower, seed, seed pods, bark, etc. are having capability to cure stabbing, swollen, scab.

To strengthen liver: Liver provides energy to all the body's function. If the liver suffers, your body will face a lot of health trouble. Hence, It is necessary to strengthen the liver. Jaundice is the effect of weaken liver. The ripe leaf of the Portia tree is rich in iron. Add one teaspoon cumin seed with ripe leaves to make juice and drink to cure jaundice. Crush Portia tree ripe leaves 2, seed pods -4, cumin seeds -2 spoon, fennel seeds 1 spoon, Portia tree bark -1, Amla 1 cup, small onion 4, thistle 5g together and boil this with three cup water until it reduces to 1/2 cup. Drink this water to strengthen kidneys. It will stop shivering of Hands and foot. It will protect the body from getting jaundice.

For the Syphilis disease: Agathiyar is said Portia tree destroy the body's germs and cure Syphilis. Portia trees seed pod gel milk will cure Syphilis. This is the Siddha's best experienced medicine. A scratching mucus on the skin of the scalp will disappear if we apply the seed pod milk. Inflammation of the joints is dissolved. Portia bark and oil will cure skin diseases.