Want to increase blood in 10 days? Eat this

Figs, dates and honey are the best natural healthy foods. If you eat all of these daily, your physical strength and immunity will increase. Dates — honey mix and the figs — honey mix will increase the blood in the body and increase sperm count.

Required things

* Dates - 1/2 kg (pitted)
* Pure honey - 1/2 kg
* Saffron little


Add dates and pure honey in the big mixing bowl. Sprinkle some of the saffron on it.
Soak this mix under morning sunlight (around 7-8 o'clock) for half an hour. Store it in a bottle.
Eat a couple of dates from this before going to sleep in the night, and drink a glass of milk and sleep.

Required things:

* Figs - 1/2 kg
* Pure honey - 1/2 kg
* Saffron


You should eat fig-honey mix after eating dates and honey. Mix figs, honey and a little saffron.
Soak it for half an hour under light sunlight in the morning.

Eat two figs before sleep and a glass of milk.


These two salads will purify blood in your body within a month from start eating. People who have anemia will get more blood in the body and be healthy.


Naturally, figs are a great diet to increase masculinity. In addition, molecules in milk help to boost the sperm production. Eating figs with the honey can help to increase the sperm count. 

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