Dear Chennai people, and Chennai travelers!!

You would get bored by taking regular south Indian meal with strong white rice, half boiled dhal, thicken sambar, red color vathal kuzhambu/spice kuzhambutomato floating rasam. If you have habit of eating this meal daily, you should try lunch meal at Thirukkural Restaurant located at Adyar Gandhinagar , 2nd main road. 

Barnyard millet sambar riceKodo millet lemon rice, Biryani made in Seeraga Samba rice, proso millet curd riceRaagi Roti, Peal millet koozh, banana stem pachadi are served as part of a meal which reminds our traditional, 100% percent healthy food and you will get satisfaction for your money.

Once upon a time, small grains were our main food. Corporate companies spread rumors that Adding coconut oil in the food will increase the fat and develop a heart attack. Then, we completely ignored coconut oil from our diet. Similarly, corporate companies changed our mind and removed cereals from our kitchen by saying eating cereal food will increase body heat, will not digest easily, only hard workers have to eat and it will give all kinds of diseases. But time has brought us back to the cereals.

Cereal meals can be eaten at only near parks or natural food festivals. Thirukkural Restaurant provides these healthy foods along with mild air cooling and Ilayaraja's music.

Karthikeyan Himayavarman and Suresh Jaganathan, who had been earning hundreds of millions of rupees in a month at a multinational corporation thrown away the job and opened this restaurant under the guidance of great scientist Nammazhvar. The restaurantbegan with a two-seater, has gradually grown into a big restaurant.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very beautiful. Every table has a small Bullock cart to hold tissue papers and Citronella curtains to hide sunlight are added beauty and natural. On one side of the LED screen, they are playing video that show farmer who produced the traditional rice called Poongar, to encourage and appreciate them.

Their restaurant start time is 12 pm. They are providing two lunch combos called Nammazhvar Virundhu(feast) and Tholkappiar virundhu. Cost of Nammazhvar virundhu is Rs.158. Total 19 items in it. As appetizer they are giving Cardiospermum halicacabum (Mudakkathan) soup or physalis (Manathakkali) soup. This hot soup will trigger hunger immediately once intake. Sometime, they provide old rice water (Neeraharam) instead of soup which is made from traditional rices like Maappillai samba or Poongar which will add extra flavor, taste and vitamin and minerals.

Three verities of raita being served. One verity made with eight vegetables like carrot, bottle gourd, raw banana, snake gourd ground paste along with grated coconut and curd. Second one made with finely chopped cabbage, grated coconut and ground nut powder, cumin powder and black pepper powder. Third one made with finely chopped banana stem along with that fenugreek, cumin and coriander seed paste. Color, smell are different from each other. In addition one mixed vegetable poriyal being served for people who don't like raw raitas.

Next is vegetable salad made with Carrot, cucumber and Onion. Fruit salad which has fruits like apple, pomegranate, pineapple and grapes. Banana chips being served. Apart from this, one bowl of sweet flattens rice made with coconut milk, brown sugar and shredded coconut. All are special and unique.

Six types of variety rices served like Barnyard millet sambar riceKodo millet lemon rice, tomato riceBriyani made in Seeraga Samba rice, proso millet curd rice and rasam rice.This can be different day to day. They have 10 verity rices like sesame rice, coconut rice, pepper rice.

One raagi roti also served. Side dish is horse gram thuvayal. One bowl of green kootu also available. Finally one bowl of millet koozh served with salt and sour taste. If needed we can get one glass of amla butter milk. If you have meal here, that day will be definitely special for you.

All cereals? If you are not ok for this, you can go with Tholkappier virundhu. It will have sambar rice, curd riceseeraga samba biryani, ponniyarisi rice, Senna auriculata sambar, Solanum Trilobatum rasam, dry turkey berry, Kodo millet chappathicereal thuvayal.

Karthik and suresh talks about this restaurant the said as follows, Nowadays, traditional food can be available at street food cart only. To change this, we started this restaurant. Our healthy and tasty can be served differently like western food, mostly we use organic cereals and rices. We can feel the real taste of them here."

So friends!I would recommend you guys to visit this restaurant once!