Eggs have many vitamins and minerals. So many of us will eat egg frequently. However, Frequent egg eaters should know a few important things. When eating an egg, do not take below foods immediately.


When sugar is eaten after egg, the amino acids in the sugar combine to form glycosyl lysine and break down the components of the amino acids in the egg. These molecules prevent Coagulation. So do not eat sugar immediately after an egg.

Soy milk

Eggs and soy milk are good and provide energy to the body, many people drink a bowl of soy milk after having an egg in the morning. This is wrong habit. Because, the protein in the eggs mix with trypsin of soy milk and can cause problems. This will make our body absorbing further protein.


When both eggs and meat are consumed simultaneously, they can cause digestive problems and cause diarrhea.

Don't drink tea.

Tannic acid in tea, mix with protein in the egg and causes digestive problems. Also, retain high toxins in the body.

Potatoes should not be eaten with eggs. The reason is that the nutrients in the potato prevent the body from absorbing nutrients like calcium and also cause diarrhea.

Similarly, you should not eat fruits with eggs. The reason is fruits will be digested easily. But the egg does not digest. It can take a long time.