Pesticides in processed milk | 38% non-standard | shock information

The Food safety and Quality Commission of India has tested 6,432 milk samples from 1,103 cities across the country.

Pawan Agarwal, chief executive officer of the commission, speaking on the results of the study!

When testing 6,432 milk samples across the country, he said the unwanted chemicals and pesticides mixed with cows fodder and provided to cow. In addition, he added that it is high in fats and sugars. Considering all this, 38 percent of processed milk is non-standard.

As such, there is a deadline for milk to be produced according to the rules. He said that if the inferior milk is produced in violation of the norm, strict action will be taken.

Best places or restaurants for briyani in Tamilnadu

Biriyani also known as biriyani, birianibirani or briyaniis a mixed rice dish with meat or vegetables. This is the very popular dish among the Muslims. Still Muslim biriyani is popular which is made during the festivals and marriages. It is made with Indian spices, ricemeat (chicken, goatbeeflamb, prawn, or fish), vegetables or eggs. 

Biryani is as special. If my plan is biriyani for lunch, I use to starve from morning to noon for biryani hunting. (I don't make at home. Only in the restaurant)

There are few specific places which are famous for biriyani and Everyone will have some favorite places to have the tasty biriyani. Below are few places as per mine and my friends experience. 

OverallVellore is the best city to eat flavored biryani. Biryani is wonderful in all the shops here. 

Best biriyani shops are,

1. Ya Mohaideen - Pallavaram , Chennai

2. Vellore Biryani, Vellore Kitchen - Vellore

3. Star Biryani - Ambur

4. RautharMappillai Virundhu - Madurai

5. Green Crest Chennai biriyani. Chennai
     Actual Chennai taste with Brinjal thalcha gravy. Fantastic. 

In many restaurants in Coimbatore used to make like Dindukal biriyani. If the spices are in correct ratio, it will be good. Else we can't expect the proper biriyani. 

6. Delhi Darbar - Peelamedu , Coimbatore. 
    Here biriyani is made in Mogul style (Ambur style) and the taste is very good. 

7. If you still need Dindigul Method Biryani, you can try Ammayi House, RamanathapuramCoimbatore. Here food is made using clay Pots. Biryani Super!

8. Hydrabad Biriyani house - Ooty and Koonur.
    Actual Hyderabadi taste. I have never tasted this kind of tasty food at a tourist site.

9. AGS Biriyani - Tambaram, Chennai.
    A small biryani hotel called AGS Biryani near Irippuliyur By-passTambaram. The taste is fantastic. Get Bucket Biryani (parcel only. Price 800 or 900Rs). Between 10 and 12 people can eat. 

10. Virudhunagar, GN Chetty Road, Chennai
      If you try a little high class, you could try the restaurant called Virudhunagar, GN Chetty road, Chennai. The biryani you get is delicious with a long flavoring of rice. 

11. Dindukal thalappakattu Biriyani , NeelamburCoimbatore. 
      Few days back, we visited the newly opened Dindigul Talapakkaty Biryani Restaurant in NeelamburCoimbatore. Biryani and Thalcha are WOW WOW !. No need to wash your hands with soap after eating biryani. Because the oil is too low. Sometimes or after having some restaurants biriyani, we could feel heavy in the stomach. Here nothing felt. Mutton biriyani cost is 240 and chicken biriyani is 210.

12. Annapoorna Tea coffee bar & Tiffin Center, Raja veedhi and Range goundar veedhicoimbatore. 
It is a small vegetarian restaurant. The mushroom biryani is not available anywhere in the city as you can find here. Such an awesome taste. Around 1/4 plate quantity only they give. Price range from 40 to 50 rupees. But the taste will be for 500 bucks. One or two biryanis we eat. This is the best choice for vegetarians.

13. You can give a try with Dindukal venu biriyani. 

Apart from this, other favorites biriyani like my wife's home made biryani sprinkled with love and charm with homemade ingredients, my own chettinad biryani and biryani tied to Islamic friend's house ceremony. These are available to us free of charge, hot, healthy, and free of charge.

Everyone's taste is different from each other. My favorite is probably not like the other. This is just my experience!

Avin milk pocket colors and details

Avin milk, this is the most often used milk in cities. The name '' in Tamil means cow. So it is called as Avin milk means Cow's milk. 

It is a dairy company run by the Government of Tamil Nadu founded in 1958.

Each color in the milk packet represents the amount of fat it contains. Avin milk comes in four colors.

Those are.

1. Blue

2. Orange

3. Green

4. Magenta

Blue color

This is called toned milk. It contains 3 percent fat.

Green color
This is called standard milk. It contains about 4.5 percent fat.

Orange color
It is called full cream milk. It contains about 6 percent fat. It is a milk with high fat content.

Magenta color
This is called double toned milk. It contains about 1.5 percent fats.

Usually, it is best that we use magenta and blue milk packets at home. This is because it contains only low-fat products.

Full cream milk is often used in bakeries and tea shops. This is because even though they mix more water, their density will not get reduced.

Black chicken being sold - Meat and bone both are block

This block chicken is also known as Kadaknath chicken commonly found in India. Its meat, blood and bone are in black. 

Ayam Cemani is a breeded chicken available in the Indonesia chicken market. This is totally black chicken. The chicken's wings, feathers, skin, bones, blood - all in black color. These are exported around the world for good prices.

Also, at the Niang Abi Temple in Gianiyar - Bali, Indonesia, the black blood of this type of chicken is used for the sacred ritual "Aasi Kepuran".

This chicken also called as "Kadaknath", which grows in the forests of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh. This meat has a vitamins that increase our immunity. As the meat of these chickens is black, it is also called as  black meat chicken or kalamasi. In Tamilnadu, we can find this chicken in few farms of Salem (Omalur) and  Vellore district.

The meat of this chicken is both delicious and fragrant and has medicinal properties. This meat is used as a medicine for many chronic diseases. In Homeopathy Medicine, people with nervous disorders are advised to eat this chicken meat.

Kadaknath chicken meat contains 25% protein . Cholesterol is only 0.73 -1.05%, So this meat can be eaten well by people with blood pressure and heart disease. Meat is rich in amino acids and hormone supplements that humans need.

People from North India such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra and Delhi believe that the meat of these chickens will increase masculinity and increase the viability of the sperm like Viagra pill.

The Food Research Institute, based in Mysore, has certified that black meat is very beneficial for heart patients. These chickpeas are being used in Chinese medicine and food as well.
Siddha Medicine recommending to use black meat to cure diseases such as gastrointestinal diseases, rashes and arthritis. In the past,  kadaknath meat gravy cooked with other herbs used to increase strength and stamina. Traditional tamil song has a line that Black meat cooked with asafoetida, pepper corns, tuber of cyperus( prappang kizhangu in tamil) is medicine for hiccup, gastrointestinal diseases, rashes, piles.