Avin milk, this is the most often used milk in cities. The name '' in Tamil means cow. So it is called as Avin milk means Cow's milk. 

It is a dairy company run by the Government of Tamil Nadu founded in 1958.

Each color in the milk packet represents the amount of fat it contains. Avin milk comes in four colors.

Those are.

1. Blue

2. Orange

3. Green

4. Magenta

Blue color

This is called toned milk. It contains 3 percent fat.

Green color
This is called standard milk. It contains about 4.5 percent fat.

Orange color
It is called full cream milk. It contains about 6 percent fat. It is a milk with high fat content.

Magenta color
This is called double toned milk. It contains about 1.5 percent fats.

Usually, it is best that we use magenta and blue milk packets at home. This is because it contains only low-fat products.

Full cream milk is often used in bakeries and tea shops. This is because even though they mix more water, their density will not get reduced.