This block chicken is also known as Kadaknath chicken commonly found in India. Its meat, blood and bone are in black. 

Ayam Cemani is a breeded chicken available in the Indonesia chicken market. This is totally black chicken. The chicken's wings, feathers, skin, bones, blood - all in black color. These are exported around the world for good prices.

Also, at the Niang Abi Temple in Gianiyar - Bali, Indonesia, the black blood of this type of chicken is used for the sacred ritual "Aasi Kepuran".

This chicken also called as "Kadaknath", which grows in the forests of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh. This meat has a vitamins that increase our immunity. As the meat of these chickens is black, it is also called as  black meat chicken or kalamasi. In Tamilnadu, we can find this chicken in few farms of Salem (Omalur) and  Vellore district.

The meat of this chicken is both delicious and fragrant and has medicinal properties. This meat is used as a medicine for many chronic diseases. In Homeopathy Medicine, people with nervous disorders are advised to eat this chicken meat.

Kadaknath chicken meat contains 25% protein . Cholesterol is only 0.73 -1.05%, So this meat can be eaten well by people with blood pressure and heart disease. Meat is rich in amino acids and hormone supplements that humans need.

People from North India such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra and Delhi believe that the meat of these chickens will increase masculinity and increase the viability of the sperm like Viagra pill.

The Food Research Institute, based in Mysore, has certified that black meat is very beneficial for heart patients. These chickpeas are being used in Chinese medicine and food as well.
Siddha Medicine recommending to use black meat to cure diseases such as gastrointestinal diseases, rashes and arthritis. In the past,  kadaknath meat gravy cooked with other herbs used to increase strength and stamina. Traditional tamil song has a line that Black meat cooked with asafoetida, pepper corns, tuber of cyperus( prappang kizhangu in tamil) is medicine for hiccup, gastrointestinal diseases, rashes, piles.