Does the Use of Refined Oil Benefit?

Previouslywe used ground nut oil and sesame oil for cooking. We used coconut oil for hair and cluster oil and need oil for medicines.

Currently, in the name of refined oilwe are eating the dregs.

Refined oil causes lots of harmful diseases for us.So soon death in bed. 

For about 25 years after globalization, canola, vegetable, soy, safflower, sunflower, corn and palm oil have been marketed. Naturalistic doctors say that refined oils, opens the door to a wide range of diseases for whom are very healthy. Until 25 and 30 years ago, people with blood pressure and heart disease were very few. The current statistics are staggering.

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in India. Nearly 17 lakh people die due to heart attacks annually. This is 53 percent higher than in 2005. Despite the fact that this might be cause of smoking and alcohol. Refined oil is still one of the root causes.

Sunflower in first place

Mainly refined sun flower is flagged by many trade names. Approximately 4 lakh hectares of the sunflower are grown in India. India ranks 9th globally in sunflower yields. Karnataka state top in the list.

Approximately 1.3 kg of sunflower seed is required to produce one liter of sunflower oil. One kg of sunflower seed is 60 INR. But, the question of how all companies are able to market oil at the same price without fluctuations is the million dollar question. Because the price of sunflower seeds is not stable.

How oil is made

Business purpose refined oil will not have any nutrition's for sure. How is oil extracted from the seed, and what are the stages of refining? Let's see. 

The seeds are washed, cleaned, crushed and boiled. Then they extract the oil by crushing the seeds through the machines. In this process, they mix the hexane (the waste that comes out of the purification of crude oil) to evaporate the residual oil. Then the phosphate is mixed to separate oil and the other ingredients.

Refining work started from here. Some chemicals are mixed with water to remove the fat in the oil. This fat is then sent to make soap.

In the second stage, phosphate gum, natural pigments, waxes are removed by adding caustic soda or lime with oil. This changes the color of the oil and reduces the viscosity.

Third, the oil is boiled with clay and carbon. The oil loses its natural color. Natural Antioxidants and nutrients are removed with the contaminants in the oil.

Finally, the oil is heated to 500 degrees Centigrade. Thereby the volatile products mixed with oil are expelled. Then the smell and taste are imposed by chemicals.

Why does it is unhealthy?

Fatty Acid becomes a Trans fat because of the high pressure of hydrogen being passed in this oil. Refined Oil contains PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid - Chemical unfrozen Fat). They are divided into N3 and N6. According to the study, refined oils sold in our country are high in PUFA N6 which is unhealthy for us. The medical world claims that this is leading factor for obesity, blood cholesterol, heart diseasediabetes, and breast cancer. The main reason for the health hazard is that as the oil is extracted by machinery over high heat, it becomes fully chemical.

Although refined oil is advertised as reducing bad cholesterol, manufacturers are removing the good fats.

The refined oil is marketed in plastic bags, bottles, in the form of chemicals, which lose their natural properties completely. The intake of this oil is too high as this is not much concentrated. This oil preventing the accumulation of good cholesterol in the body.

What is good oil?

Cold press oil which has density, rich in natural color and smell, rich in nutrients is best oil. It contains various vitamins. Iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and calcium are naturally available in cold press oil. Lipids are essential for joints, gastrointestinal tract, intestinal function, nervesblood vesselsglands, skin smoothness, and production of essential enzymes. It is available in one tablespoon i.e. 20 ml of natural oil.

Do not reuse

Do not reuse oil once used over high heat. Using it will produce more pressured oxygen molecules, will cause increasing the risk of heart attack and cancer.

So stop using refined oil and use cold press oils.