Lemon Grass benefits

"Lemon Grass" is one of the grass herbs. The Lemon Grass is called as "spice grass", "lemon grass" and "ginger grass" in India. Some people call it as Kamatchi grass. This plant name is said to be "CYMBOPOGAN FLEXOSUS" and depends on the plant family GRAMINAE.
The Lemon Cross Native is India, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia and Thailand. It is highly cultivated in Kerala. It is the most available material in China and can grow in forests and mountains without any maintenance. And it can grow in all kinds of soils, weedy lands and even salty soils! You can even grow it in the pots at home.
It smells a little like the aroma of lemon and the smell of a little ginger. That is why in India we have been called "Lemon grass" and "Ginger grass" as mentioned above.
Medicinal Benefits:

Lemongrass gives good digestion and helps with appetite. It contains many chemicals that can be used to relieve stress and kill bacteria. Oil produced from its stem and upper body is used to treat a variety of skin ailments, to produce breast milk for mothers, and cure aches. It is used as an antiseptic and as a medicine for rheumatism. Research shows that even cancer cells can be killed by consuming lemon grass in our diet.

Products and other uses:

The oil extracted from it used to make soapsperfumes and cooking essences. Its Essence is used to make candles for fragrance. It is also used as an antiseptic and insecticide. The remaining material after oil extraction is used for cow feed, making paper, cardboard boxes and combustion.

The tea that made with this lemon grass will also behave good smells and flavors. It can be used in soups and in vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. It is also available in packets that are properly processed.

It is best to breed in the tub at home, as it has the ability to throw away mosquitoes.

Reasons many people refuse to eat palm oil?

Using a certain amount of palm oil is not going to cause much trouble. But it is good to know who can use it and who may not.

Vitamin E is high in palm oil. It plays an important role in giving the body a youthful appearance. Regular use of palm oil will alleviate all other wrinkles on the face. Also, it is a powerful antioxidant.Using a little amount of palm oil is not going to cause much trouble.

The fat content in all oil's is same. Oil is fat, of course. 100g of all oil contains the same amount of fat (ie 100g). Otherwise it means there is some contamination.

Advantage and disadvantage of using palm oil:

Palm oil is one of the most commonly used oils for cooking. But, it also has unhealthy issues. Some research suggests that it is good to use, while some others say it is bad.

Using a certain amount of palm oil is not going to cause much trouble. But it is good to know who can use it and who may not.

  • Palm oil is rich in fat. Eating it may increase your risk of heart disease.
  • Avoid the use of palm oil if you have a heart disease or if anyone in your family has heart disease.
  • Excess fat in palm oil may increase weight gain. But when you consume palm oil daily, it gradually removes fat cells from the body.
  • Excess cholesterol in palm oil can cause metabolism related diseases.
  • Palmitic in palm oil may reduce fat level from the body. Therefore, it may slow down the metabolism and cause the possibility of metabolic syndrome.
  • When cooking palm oil it is more likely to cause health problems. The study results also suggest that reusing cooked palm oil again may increase blood pressure. But, it is said that using uncooked palm oil does not cause any problems.
  • Tocopherol in palm oil act as natural antioxidants. This will destroy any abnormal cells in the body. Furthermore, it transform cancer cells into normal cells.
  • Beta carotene in palm oil can enhance your eyesight. Beta carotene plays an important role in improving of eyesight. Beta carotene is a precursor to the formation of vitamin A (Retinol). Vitamin A is important for good vision and eye health.
  • Beta carotene in palm oil plays an important role in balancing hormones. People with hormone problems are better to use refrigerated palm oil.
  • Vitamin E is high in palm oil. It plays an important role in giving the body a youthful appearance. Regular use of palm oil will alleviate all the wrinkles on the face. Also, it is a powerful antioxidant.
  • If you are deficient in vitamin A, you can use palm oil without hesitation. When you add palm oil to your daily diet, your body gets enough vitamin A. It is one of the best qualities of palm oil.

When my mother buy palm oil, she poured 1 ltr of oil into the skillet and fry a lemon size tamarind with salt in it and take out.  May be some people have allergy by using this oil,  Doing so would not be a problem

We can realize its advantage or disadvantages according to the usage level. People with heart disease should avoid it. The fat in it will increase its intensity.

Corona virus How is it spread? How to defend yourself!

The corona virus has spread since last December from a seafood vendor in the historic town of Wuhan, central China. The virus is currently threatening the world. More than 3,000 people have died by corona virus worldwide. Over 2,500 people have died in China alone. Currently, Corona is also started threatening India.

Coronal virus clusters found like a crown through a microscope, "corona" means crown in Latin language. Hence, it is named as Corona virus. Doctors who divide the corona virus into six categories say that they are usually found in animals and this is the first time that they have become the deadliest killer virus in humans.

What is a coronavirus?

The novel corona virus, named 2019-nCoV, was discovered in December last year in the province of Wuhan, China. The National Health Council has confirmed that the virus can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Since the Chinese are more close to the animals, the virus has started spreading rapidly in Wuhan. The virus has also spread to others from Wuhan province to other parts of the country.

How corona virus spread?

Health experts say the corona virus is spreading mostly through sneezing and coughing. Thus, the virus can be easily transmitted from one person to another. The China Health Department has confirmed that the corona virus spreads between humans.

What impact does it create?

People who are infected with the corona virus first get the flu. Thereafter, dryness causes coughing, which leads to wheezing after a week. About one in four people infected with the virus seem to be getting worse. The virus is known to cause organ failure, including pneumonia, and maximum likelihood of death.

Corona virus Symptoms:

Doctors say that it has the symptoms of cough, sore throat, headache and fever, as well as asthma symptoms, like regular colds, which can easily infect the elderly and young adults and people with less immunity.

Is there medicine ...?

To date, there have been no immunity drugs available for humans to prevent the corona virus.

Therefore, the only option at the moment is to prevent the spread of corona virus from one person to another. Thus, the corona virus is treated in isolation of the victim.

The primary goal is to prevent the virus from spreading to others. Scientists are also working on finding drugs by using HIV medicine that can kill corona virus.

How to defend yourself?

Get news about the virus and the appropriate medical treatment announcement only through the government media and other official media. Don't rely on unsubstantiated messages spread on social networks, including whats app, and don't share them with others.

Check with doctors for Cough, sneezing, cold, dry throat, fever, etc. Continue for more than two days.

It is best to go out wearing a nose - mouth mask.

Take nutritious food and safe drinking water. Avoid going to crowded places.

Always wash your hands and keep your surroundings clean. It is also necessary to cover the nose and mouth during coughing and sneezing.