The world's greatest antidote - Pepper

There is a proverb in Tamil saying that If you have ten peppercorns we can eat at enemy's house as well. The proverb is said to express the greatness of the Pepper. So what the greatness in it?

This pepper is the world's best antidote. Knowing that this pepper is mostly cultivated in India, the English invaded us and took over our country. Good quality peppers mainly found in Kerala, Mysore, Kanya kumari in Tamilnadu, and Places like Kolli hills, Servarayan hills at the Western Ghats in South India.The best quality pepper in the world is available only in South India, according to modern research. This pepper is the biggest foreign exchange earner for India.

All of the chemicals in pepper work to protect us from disease and boost the body's immunity. Pepper can act as anti-inflammatory, anti-vatha, appetizer, antipyretic, Expectorant, and as anti-helmetic. Good pepper is the best remedy for neurodegeneration, hand tremors, memory impairment, and aging. It is also known to increase vigor.

Good pepper is rich in potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, and nutrients. It acts as antioxidants due to its high Vitamin C and boosts immunity.

Good Pepper has an alkaloid called piperine, which stimulates appetite. Stimulating and secreting enzymes in the stomach. And secretes saliva. This increases digestion capacity.

If the food is digested properly, the gas will not be produced in the body and more toxins do not stay in the body. 

Our ancestors used this proverb because the peppermint keeps a toxin-free body.

This is why our ancestors ate 10 peppercorns whenever they reach home from outside. These ten peppercorns break all the toxicity produced by outside food.

Cardamom medicinal benefits

Cardamom is an ingredient used in all dishes for flavor. The cardamom is also widely used in Indian cuisine. In factthere are no foods that do not use this ingredient.
And some people may not like the cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum). Because many people are unaware of the benefits of adding cardamom spice in their diet. So read on to find out what its true benefits.
* Since it is a spiceadding it to your diet will correct the stomach problems. Also, the digestion problem will not happen.

* Asthma sufferers or people with bronchitis can eat to cardamom to get cured automatically. Eating cardamom with honey can cure the sore throat and cough.

* The main benefit of eating cardamom is the body will not be overheated. Also, No more strokes. 
* cardamom will protect us from the heat waves when you chew cardamom during summer.

* In some places in India, cardamom powder and sandalwood powder are used as paste and applied to the forehead for a headache. And some people add cardamom in their tea. This will reduce headaches.

* According to the Ayurvedic principle, cardamom is good for the three problems in the body such as arthritis, bile and kapam. These are balanced in the body and keep the body healthy. So you can have a healthy life.

By eating it, you can get better voice quality. So add more cardamom to your diet. Let’s live healthily.

How to choose good vegetables from market?

1. Banana Stem: This can be used for making fries and soup. Upper layer part should not have much fiber and stem part should be thin. 

2. White Onion: The juice should be extracted while pressing gently. 

3. Drumstick: A good drumstick is very flexible. Means, good for making dishes.

4. Sweet potato: A firm tuber is very sweet. If it is blackened, it can be a bitter.

5. Corn: It should not be too young or fully matured. When you press corns, it should not be too hard.

6. Tomatoes: You can buy fine red tomatoes. Bangalore tomatoes will remain intact for a week. It will not spoil.

7.Tindora/Ivy gourd: It should be purchased as whole green. Don't buy which has slight red. Ripened ivy gourd will not have taste

8. Small Onions/Shallot: It is better to buy old onions.Buy which, has two pearls and clear.

9.Capsicum: Buy something fresh without having shrink skin. Don't buy the dark green color capsicum. All colored capsicum have the same flavor.

10. Cauliflower: Purchase which has thin stem with no gap between flowers

11. Mango - Tap the mango near to ear similar to how we check coconut. You will hear clear sound.Those mangos will have small nut inside.

12. Ridge gourd:Better to buy which are in same size from the bottom to top.

13. Pumpkin: Buying matured seeds pumpkin is good. 

14. Snake gourd: Buy hard ones.Only then the seed area be less and the flesh area more

15. Potato: The skin must be transplanted without scratching the green vein without letting it sprout.

16. Yum: When buying whole, it is better to look bigger. If you buy the cut one, buy which has inside part is slight red in color.

17. Onion: Top area without having stem.

18. Ginger: The skin should peeled easily when gently scratch.The fiber area will be less in that case.

19. Brinjal:Look for the skin to be soft.

20. Bottle gourd: When you press with the nailnail should go inside. Only then it means young.

21. Garlic: The pearls should should look clear outside.

22. Beans: French Beans are high in fiber. There will be no fiber in the bush beans. If the skin is soft, the taste will be greater.

23. Broad Beans: It is better to check the seeds and avoid which has big seeds. Buying young does have much fiber.

24. Bitter gourd: Long/lengthy flatten bitter gourds is better than the smaller which are short in size.

25. Banana Flower: Expand the top petal and see if the flowers are not dark. It should very light in color. If that is the case, that means fresh flower

26. Cowpea: Buy a big seeded one.

27. Chow chow: Look for a mouth like side that is not too cracked and buy it. If there is a big crack, that is matured.

28. Radish: If the skin is soft when you slightly scratch, it is a young and good to eat.

29. Cucumber: If you press the cucumber with the nail gently, it should go inside smooth. That means good one and the seeds are very less.

30. Green Chilli: Flatten one will have less spice. Short and thicken will have much spice and good in the aroma and the smell are wonderful.

Jackfruit - big fruit !!

Jack fruit is a big fruit among all other fruits!

They possess greenish a hard, gummy shell with small pimples surrounded with hard, hexagonal tubercles. Inside the that skin fruits will be there with seeds. There may be about 100-500 seeds per fruit.

Each fruit piece is embedded in the veins like part. The taste of jack fruit varies from tree to tree. Some fruits are as sweet as honey and some fruits are less sweet.

The fruit is in yellow and white. The ripe, good fruit is yellow in color. You can eat seeds by steak, steamed, fried or cooked with vegetables.

Vitamin A is rich in this fruit. Strengthen the body and the brain. The fruit also has the ability to cure diseases and produce fresh blood. Everything should be eaten limited. That's good for the health.

The fruit is the largest fruit among all tree fruit.In some places only it is grown in the gardens according to proper farming methods. Often cultivated in other orchards as subsidiary or home gardens. In some parts of the world, the tree is called as the king of fruits.

Jack fruit grows mostly in India, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil and Kenya. This fruit is rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus, as well as vitamin A and C. Its Nut contain Vitamin B1 and B2.

In 100 grams of fruit, 303 milligrams of potassium is present. To reduce high blood pressure, jack fruit is excellent. Since there are fewer calories in a fruitpeople who want to lose weight can add this fruit to their diet. Recent research has found that "antioxidants" are useful in preventing cancer.

The jack fruit helps to keep age away. It also prevents skin wrinkles due to the age. This Fruit helps to relieve constipation. Seasonal fruits like jack fruit should be a part of our dietsay dieticians.

Let everyone taste the flavor of the jack fruit. Eat and Know its uses.