Jack fruit is a big fruit among all other fruits!

They possess greenish a hard, gummy shell with small pimples surrounded with hard, hexagonal tubercles. Inside the that skin fruits will be there with seeds. There may be about 100-500 seeds per fruit.

Each fruit piece is embedded in the veins like part. The taste of jack fruit varies from tree to tree. Some fruits are as sweet as honey and some fruits are less sweet.

The fruit is in yellow and white. The ripe, good fruit is yellow in color. You can eat seeds by steak, steamed, fried or cooked with vegetables.

Vitamin A is rich in this fruit. Strengthen the body and the brain. The fruit also has the ability to cure diseases and produce fresh blood. Everything should be eaten limited. That's good for the health.

The fruit is the largest fruit among all tree fruit.In some places only it is grown in the gardens according to proper farming methods. Often cultivated in other orchards as subsidiary or home gardens. In some parts of the world, the tree is called as the king of fruits.

Jack fruit grows mostly in India, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil and Kenya. This fruit is rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus, as well as vitamin A and C. Its Nut contain Vitamin B1 and B2.

In 100 grams of fruit, 303 milligrams of potassium is present. To reduce high blood pressure, jack fruit is excellent. Since there are fewer calories in a fruitpeople who want to lose weight can add this fruit to their diet. Recent research has found that "antioxidants" are useful in preventing cancer.

The jack fruit helps to keep age away. It also prevents skin wrinkles due to the age. This Fruit helps to relieve constipation. Seasonal fruits like jack fruit should be a part of our dietsay dieticians.

Let everyone taste the flavor of the jack fruit. Eat and Know its uses.