There is a proverb in Tamil saying that If you have ten peppercorns we can eat at enemy's house as well. The proverb is said to express the greatness of the Pepper. So what the greatness in it?

This pepper is the world's best antidote. Knowing that this pepper is mostly cultivated in India, the English invaded us and took over our country. Good quality peppers mainly found in Kerala, Mysore, Kanya kumari in Tamilnadu, and Places like Kolli hills, Servarayan hills at the Western Ghats in South India.The best quality pepper in the world is available only in South India, according to modern research. This pepper is the biggest foreign exchange earner for India.

All of the chemicals in pepper work to protect us from disease and boost the body's immunity. Pepper can act as anti-inflammatory, anti-vatha, appetizer, antipyretic, Expectorant, and as anti-helmetic. Good pepper is the best remedy for neurodegeneration, hand tremors, memory impairment, and aging. It is also known to increase vigor.

Good pepper is rich in potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, and nutrients. It acts as antioxidants due to its high Vitamin C and boosts immunity.

Good Pepper has an alkaloid called piperine, which stimulates appetite. Stimulating and secreting enzymes in the stomach. And secretes saliva. This increases digestion capacity.

If the food is digested properly, the gas will not be produced in the body and more toxins do not stay in the body. 

Our ancestors used this proverb because the peppermint keeps a toxin-free body.

This is why our ancestors ate 10 peppercorns whenever they reach home from outside. These ten peppercorns break all the toxicity produced by outside food.