Cumin seed medicinal herb - Cuminum cyminum

Cuminum cyminum is a medicinal herb.

Mostly cultivated in North India. It has been used in spices throughout the world, mainly in Arabia. It looks like the world cumin is an Arabian word. Syria has a history proof that from nearly four thousand years ago cumin being used in their food.

The dried seeds of this type of plant are called cumin.

It seems that it has been used for a long time in our food. Thiruvannamalai temple inscription has a detail that people bought cumin seeds by exchanging Rice. 

Sidha theraiyar told that eating eight cloves along with ten cumin seeds, honey cure hiccup immediately. 

56% Hydrocarbons, Terpene, and Thymol are extracted from cumin. Thymol - [anthelminticagaint in HOOK WORM infections, and also as an antiseptic] is used in many pharmaceutical companies to destroy hook work from stomachs.

BOTANICAL NAME: Cuminum Cyminum  
FAMILY: Apiaceae

Cumin is the name of this herb in English. Jeera in Hindi, jeelakara in Telugu, Sirake in Kannada, Sire in Marathi, Jiru in Gujarati, Kotha Jiraa in the Assamese, Jirga in Oriya, Jair in Kashmir.

Drinking cold water after eating a few cumin seeds will relieve dizziness and drowsiness.
Cumin with grape juice can help control blood pressure.

Eating cumin with Sesbania grandiflora(Agathi keerai) , small onions cure mental illness.

Drinking Butter Milk with cumin, ginger, and a little salt will help to reduce the gas.
Mix cumin and lemon juice and soak for a day. This can be eaten twice daily for three days for completely cure bile.

Eat Dry ginger, cumin, pepper powder mixed with honey to keep all the body's internal organs running smoothly.

Cumin has the power to cool the body and make the body glow.

Chew little cumin, two betels leaves, four good peppers together and drink a glass of cold water, will cure stomach problems. If you eat a little cumin with an ajwain will cure diarrhea. Grind a little cumin, with Phyllanthus niruri and lemon juice and drink to heal the liver disorder.

Cumin helps in many ways in giving taste and flavor to food. It plays an important role in the preparation of various spices. Medicine for digestion and gas trouble.

Heating little cumin, finely ground pepper powder in coconut oil, and cool down. Rubbing this oil on the head will heal eye irritation and water loss from the eye.

The cumin is lightly roasted and eating with palm sugar will strengthen nerves. Heal the nervous system disorder.

Generally, cumin is
Heat stimulator
Launcher of astringent
Eliminate flatulence and carminative

Cumin is An herb that has long been known to people! A great herb to make flavor and digest food!

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