How Dalda Made

Much of the dalda is prepared from palm oil. Vanaspati is also prepared from some other vegetable oils.
Vanaspathi is extracted from palm oil similar to butter we take from curd. This is 100% fat taken from plants.

Vanaspati is a hydrogenated vegetable fat made from vegetable oil. Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) is selling Vanaspathi under the brand name called Dalda.

Today the name has become so popular that people forget the name Vanaspati and call it Dalda.

Do you know how the name Dalda came to be? In the 1930s, HLL company imported vanaspathi from Dada & Co , Netherlands and sold it in India.

Under the contract that the Dada & Co company name must be on the brand being sold, Hindustan Lever is included L in the name of the Dada and the Dada product remains the same as the Dalda.

Although Dalda is beneficial to the body, it can cause gas to many people and no one uses it due to physical problems or allergies.

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