Mimosa pudica (Thotta Surungi)

Mimosa pudica (Thotta Surungi)

According to the Siddhas, this plant has magnetic energy which generally found in forests and mountains. Experts say that, if you touch this divine herb regularly 48 days, your mental strength will increase.
Mimosa pudica has been used in Greek medicine for over 1300 years. Currently used in Ayurvedic medicine and Unani medicine as well. This plant is the best medicinal herb for diseases like Skin diseases, childbirth problems, impotence.
Divine herb
This herb called ‘Namaskari’ has magnetic power. This can be kept at home as it is an herb with divine power like Tulsi or Basil. It will make an opportunity to touch it every day. Menstruating women should not go near this plant. When we touch this divine herb, its power flows like electricity inside man. If we touch continuously for 48 days, the mental energy will increase and mental health will strengthen. We can achieve whatever we think. Feeding the senses in the mind will increase eroticism. That is why it is also called ‘Kamavartini’.
Its root is worshiped and plucked and used for witchcraft. Grind its leaves with clay and apply it to dissolve the swelling. Gout dissolves. Take an equal amount of its root and leaf and dry. Filter with a dry cloth and drink 10-15 grams of this powder with cow's milk. This will cure urinary problems, constipation.  Eating continuously for 10 to 20 days will increase the body's agitation.
Dissolves urinary stones
This plant help for mesmerism. Dissolve psoriasis that runs through the body. Squeeze the root and put them in a clay pot along with 1/2 liter water. Then strain it and give it at the rate of a quarter or half an ounce 2-3 times a day. Or Mix leaves with water as a 1: 10 ratio and boil it. Then, cool down and drink 3 times a day. These will solve the water blockage and stone blockage in the body.
Increasing masculinity
People with impotence should grind their leaves and mix 15 grams in milk and drink it. Doing this for 15 consecutive days will increase manhood.
People with heart and urinary irritation should grind their leaves and eat 10 grams with yogurt in the morning for 5-6 days. This will reduce heat and cure urinary irritation. Grind a handful of its leaves and mix it with buttermilk and drink it for three days to cure constipation. The body cools down and the stomach ulcer heals.
Hemorrhoids will go away
Dry and crush the leaves and roots and grind it. Add little with them in cow's milk and drink to cure Hemorrhoids. Its leaves can be used as wax to cure rheumatism, inflammation of the joints of the hands and feet. Its leaf juice can be applied on the unhealed wound. Put its leaf in a large clay pot and boil it in water and bring it to warm heat. Pour this water on the hip to avoid pain.

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