Fennel Seeds is a fragrant flowering plant belonging to the ‘Apiaceae’ family. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean and parts of southwest Asia. Anise has a taste similar to some of the spices like Licorice, Anise. Anise is an herb used in medicine.

Fennel Seeds are one of the unavoidable spices in Indian cuisine. Indians eat this after meals to refresh the mouth. Fennel seeds have many other health benefits besides refreshing the mouth. That is why it is an important ingredient of the diet. Foods cooked with fennel seed have a certain aroma. It is also called "Sombu".

Medicinal uses of Fennel Seeds:

Increasing the digestive power:

After eating spicy foods like biryani and many other non-vegetarian foods, if you finally put a little bit of Fennel Seeds in your mouth and Chew, that food will be easily digested.

Helps to get good sleep

Some people do not get enough sleep due to workload, stress, and health problems. To correct these problems, adding fennel seeds to your diet daily can help strengthen your nerves and help you sleep better. Fennel seeds are rich in Magnesium. 

Infertility will go away

When both men and women with infertility problems take other medications along with little fennel seeds, infertility will soon go away.

Cool the body

Just chewing fennel seeds to relieve body heat. The reason for the high inclusion of fennel seeds in foods cooked in the summer is due to the cooling capacity of the fennel seeds.

Abdominal pain will resolve

Give fennel seeds immediately after children have a stomach ache. Thus if the abdomen is as lumpy as clay or if there is abdominal pain the pain is immediately corrected.

Controls diabetes

People with diabetes can keep the blood sugar level at the right level if the fennel seeds are boiled and drunk.

The gastric problem will go away

Gastric problem is caused by indigestion. Eating little fennel seeds will correct the blood flow to the stomach and increase the digestive power. Thus the gastric problem is cured.

Eye vision becomes clear

People with blurred vision, farsightedness, and nearsightedness can take the fennel seeds daily. Consumption by those who do not have eye vision disorders can avoid future problems.


Drinking fennel seeds tea daily will help keep the body hydrated and healthy. Fennel seeds tea is a good alternative to tea and coffee. You will always be refreshed by drinking this.

Eliminates breathing problems

When cold in winters and rainy seasons we can’t even breathe properly and we have a hard time during those times. In those times if you take these fennel seeds a little and just chew it well in your mouth and drink a tumbler of hot water, this cold problem will be cured immediately.

Breastfeeding mothers secrete milk well

Breast milk secretion in some of the mothers who have given birth sometimes decreased and does not get the required amount. Breastfeeding mothers are advised to include fennel seeds in their diet to increase breast milk secretion. It contains a chemical called "anitol" which stimulates the hormone estrogen in the body in women to increase the secretion of breast milk.

Waterlogging will be resolved

Hydration or dehydration can cause a problem for some people to have a lot of water in the tissues of the hands and feet when they walk together and do other work. People who have dehydration problem, if they eat fennel seeds from time to time, they will excrete excess water from the body through urine.

Benefits of drinking fennel seed water

1. Fennel water regulates the body's metabolism, controls calories and fats in the body, and reduces body weight.

2. Fennel seeds are used as a medicine to cure liver disease.

3. Drinking fennel water will dissolve the unwanted flesh around the stomach. Dissolves the belly and gives the perfect body structure.

4. fennel water cleanses the blood by flushing out excess uric acids in the blood through wastes.

5. If you drink fennel water, the brain will be active and refreshed.

6. Fennel water helps the brain to produce a natural hormone called melatonin, which leads to better restful sleep.

Fennel seeds are added to curries, pickles, biscuits, beverages, and confectionery to express its uniqueness, aroma and spicy taste. Used as a pain reliever, appetite suppressant, and digestive disorder.